Friday, April 18, 2014

Flannel Friday: Feed the Bunny

Warning: This post uses no flannel whatsoever but I wanted to share it anyway!

Feed the Bunny Activity:

I love to have an interactive part of my preschool programs so I made a bunny from a box using white & pink foam sheets. I cut a hole for his mouth so we could feed him carrots!

I googled “I’m a Little Bunny” songs and tweaked it until I had something I could use. I ended up with this:

I’m a little bunny soft and white
I think veggies are out of sight!
I love to eat carrots but I have none!
So step right up and give me one.
(tune: I'm a Little Teapot)

Before I sang the song, I passed out small laminated carrots to everyone. After the song, everybody came up to feed Mr. Bunny. You could count the carrots as the kids come up; my kids were really young or I would have tried that. I think you could use Mr Bunny for spring themed programs as well as ones about eating or vegetables.


  1. Love this idea! I have several of these box/props too. Thanks for sharing this week!! I'm gonna have to make one of these soon!