Friday, April 4, 2014

baby & me: Kangaroos & Bouncing

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a KANGAROO! What does a kangaroo do? BOUNCE and jump!

Books We Read: 
Bouncy Baby- from Begin Smart (worked great!)
Bouncing Time- Hubbell (just ok, some kids lost interest)
Bounce- Cronin (ran out of time today)

Flannel Story #1: Baby Kangaroo, Where Are You? I found this idea on Flannel Friday, of course! It is from a wonderful blog called Falling Flannelboards.

We looked under the felt shapes to find the little kangaroo. 
We said, “Baby Kangaroo, where are YOU?
It worked great!

Flannel Story #2: My Little Red Wagon

I thought this well known song went perfectly with today’s theme so I made some felt wagons in different colors to put on the flannel board while we sang:

Bouncin up & down in my little red wagon
Bouncin up & down in my little red wagon
Bouncin up & down in my little red wagon
Having so much fun!

Puppet: I have a kangaroo mama and baby (found on to use with this rhyme:

KANGAROO JUMP (Tune: “This Old Man”)
Jump! Jump! Jump!
Goes the kangaroo.
I thought only one,
But now I see two!
Momma and her baby,
With his head 
Popping out.
He holds on tight,
As they jump about!
(credit:  Iowa Public Library )

We have nine babies today. Everyone was quiet and paying close attention! A wonderful group!

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