Friday, April 25, 2014

baby & me: bunny hop

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a picture of a bunny. What does a bunny do? He hops!

Books We Read: 
Hop- Root
Who’s at Home- Davis
Surprise- Slegers

Flannel Story: Hippity Hop, Hippety Hey

I recycled this one from last year's Toddler Time. The cute laminated bunnies are from Sweet Clip Art.

Puppet: Little Bunny in a Carrot

I LOVE pop up puppets so I made this carrot out of felt. If you attach a bunny finger puppet onto an old wooden spoon, it becomes a super cute puppet!

We said this rhyme:

Little Bunny in a carrot
Sitting so still
Will he pop out?
Yes he will!

He hops to the left
He hops to the right
He hops all around
Then he hops out of sight!

Great group this morning with about 15 babies & I’m so happy to see many of our newest faces returning every week. 

Although the bunny theme has gotten kind of tired, this was a solid program.

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