Saturday, March 22, 2014

toddler time: Rainbows!

Our theme for Toddler Time today was RAINBOWS!

Mystery Box: When we opened the yellow box, we found a rainbow! There's even a pot of gold at the bottom. Let’s name all the pretty colors!

Pretty Rainbow (tune: Twinkle, Twinkle)
Rainbow, rainbow in the sky
Pretty colors up so high.
Oh I wish that you would stay
Bringing color everyday
Rainbow, rainbow in the sky
Pretty colors up so high. (credit: Jean Warren)

We passed out colorful streamers to all the children. I didn't have any green or orange streamers but no one seemed to notice they were missing! 

We did this rhyme:

Let's all twirl our ribbons today, ribbons today, ribbons today.
Let's all twirl our ribbons today, all around the room


Let’s Make a Rainbow
Let’s wave our ribbons high
Lets wave our ribbons low
Lets wave our ribbons fast
Lets wave our ribbon slow
Lets crumple up our ribbons and throw them in the air – 1,2,3!

I found this great rainbow rhyme at Storytime ABCs right before my program. I wish I had more time to learn it but next time I’ll be ready! 

RAINBOW dancers, dance around,
Ribbons swirl up and down.
Overhead and on the ground,
RAINBOWS flying all around.
Shake purple… 
Shake blue…
Shake yellow…
Shake red…

Blue ribbons tickle your nose,
Purple ribbons touch your toes.
Everybody dance around,
Swirl your ribbons up and down.

RAINBOW dancers dance around,
Ribbons swirl up and down.
RAINBOW dancers hug a friend,
Our colorful dance is at an end.

Books We Read:
Duckie’s Rainbow- Barry
Lunch – Fleming (I brought out my mouse puppet first to introduce this one and told the kids it was Mouse’s favorite story because there was a mouse just like him in it. Great attention grabber!)

Other Fun Rainbow Related Books:
Maisy’s Rainbow Dream- Cousins
Froggy Green- Walker
Baby Bear Sees Blue- Wolff

Flannel Story: Rainbow Stew (see this previous post) Another great idea I found on Storytime ABCs!

Everyone loved this one but my toddlers all wanted to “help” me with it! After I finished, one boy shouted “do it again!” So funny!

Craft: Rainbows

 I found a rainbow template online & printed it onto cardstock. We decorated with crayons, tissue paper squares and cotton ball clouds. A fun craft!

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