Thursday, March 20, 2014

preschool fun: Circus!

Today, our preschool theme was the CIRCUS!

Books We Read:
Spot Goes to the Circus- Hill
Small Surprise- Yates
Circus Opposites- MacDonald
Circus- Ehlert (always fun to read!)
Olivia Saves the Circus- Falconer

Good Circus/Animal-related Books:
Seals on the Bus- Hort
Animal 1 2 3- Teckentrup
Five Little Monkeys- Christelowe
I Dream of an Elephant- Rubinger

Flannel Story: Circus Seals (from Fun with Friends at Storytime; I was totally inspired by her recent circus themed posts that I spotted on Flannel Friday!) 

First, I put up the colored tubs and seals. We named the colors and counted the seals. Then, I said the first part of the rhyme.  

(I shortened mine from ten to five.)

5 Circus Seals
5 circus seals ready for a trick
which color ball will each one pick?
Let's match them up one by one
Circus seals are so much fun!

Next, I held up a colored ball. We named the color and matched the ball to the correct tub color. Then, I said the last part of the rhyme:

5 circus seals ready to rest
They have the color ball that they like the best.
We matched them up one by one
Circus seals are so much fun!

Non-Flannel Story #2: Another fun Circus Idea from Fun with Friends at Storytime. 

Circus Folder Story

My version of the circus stage

My ringmaster opens the show!

See the original post for this fun guessing game script! I used clipart from for all my circus acts and the kids loved the show! 

Craft: Monkey Acrobats 

I printed the monkeys from this website. We attached pipe cleaners and hooked them to plastic drinking straws to make this super cute craft!

We had a very small turnout today with only four children. I think about stopping the preschool program but I think its really important to offer something for this age group and its really the easiest for me to prepare.

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