Monday, March 10, 2014

toddler time: at the zoo

Our theme for Toddler Time today was the ZOO!

Mystery Box: When we opened the yellow box, we found a zebra finger puppet. What color is a zebra? Black & white! Where can you see a zebra? At the zoo!

We’re going to the zoo, we’re going to the zoo
I think we’ll see a zebra there. We’re going to the zoo! 
(tune: Farmer in the Dell)

Repeat with lion, elephant, & giraffe.

We passed out zoo stick puppets to all the children and we did this rhyme:
Put your animal UP, put your animal DOWN
Hold your animal and turn around!
Put your animal UP, put your animal  DOWN
Put your animal down on the ground

Books We Read:
Dear Zoo- Campbell
From Head to Toe- Carle
The Wheels on the Bus- Cabrera

Flannel Story: Baby Animal Matching

First, we put 4 adult animals on the board: panda, penguin, giraffe, & zebra.
One by one, we brought out a baby animal and asked, “is this his mommy?” until we found the correct match. “Yes, they are both pandas!” Clip art from

Craft: Circle Zebras

I found this cute template here. Just print, cut and glue - super easy!

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