Friday, March 14, 2014

baby & me: what do you hear?

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found some bells! Can you hear the bells?

Books We Read:
Whose Ears- Rowe
Quiet, LOUD- Patricelli (loved this one!)

Flannel Story: Make a Noise (see this previous post)

Puppet: 2 Little Blackbirds

2 little blackbirds sitting on a cloud
One named Quiet, one named LOUD!
Fly away Quiet, fly away LOUD!
Come back Quiet, come back LOUD!

We also sang:
Where is Birdie? Peekaboo!
Where is Birdie? Peekaboo!
Where is Birdie? Peekaboo!
Peekaboo to Birdie!

I hid one of the bird puppets behind my felt tree.

Fun group today, a nice mix of some of our regular kids (older, beginning walkers) and some new, younger babies too! I've used this theme before so it was nice to refer back to the previous programs for ideas!

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