Monday, February 10, 2014

toddler time: fire trucks

Our theme for Toddler Time today was FIRE TRUCKS! And firemen! And fire dogs too!

Mystery Box: We found a picture of a fire truck in our yellow box today. What color is a fire truck?  Red!

We passed out paper fire engine puppets to each child for our next rhyme:
Put your fire truck UP, put your fire truck DOWN
Hold your fire truck and turn around!
Put your fire truck UP, put your fire truck  DOWN
Put your fire truck down on the ground

Books We Read:
Fire Truck- Sis (perfect for this age group!)
Meeow and the Big Box- Braun (great choice also!) 
Fire Fighter Piggy Wiggy- Fox

We also sang Ivan Ulz's Fire Truck. Mr Ulz used to perform at local libraries here a while back and was kind enough to give me a copy of this book. It has a cd but I decided to sing it myself (although he sings it MUCH better than me!)

Fabulous Fire Truck Rhymes:

The Wheels on the Firetruck (Tune: The Wheels on the Bus)
The wheels on the firetruck go round & round.
Round & round, round & round.
The wheels on the firetruck go round & round. 
All thru the town.

The siren on the firetruck goes woo, woo, woo.
The hose on the firetruck goes squirt, squirt, squirt.
The ladder on the firetruck goes up and down.
The dog on the firetruck goes woof woof woof! (I held up the dog in the picture below for this last verse)

Our fire truck stick puppet, Freddy the Fireman, and our cute Fire Dog.

Puppet Rhyme: I held up Freddy the Fireman for this rhyme. He is pretty big and I used two 8 1/2 X 11 pieces of card stock when I made him. He is attached at the waist with velcro for easier storage. I found the template on Making Learning Fun.

Fireman Fireman, turn around
Fireman, fireman, touch the ground
Fireman, fireman, drive the truck
Fireman, fireman, don’t get stuck!
Fireman, fireman, hurry to the fire
Fireman, fireman, spray the water higher.
Fireman, fireman, give a shout,
Fireman, fireman, you put the fire out! Hooray!

Flannel Story: I found this cute clipart at Sunflower Storytime. We didn't have time for the flannel board this time, but this was the rhyme I was planning to use. It originally had five fire trucks instead of three, but I shortened it for my toddler group.

3 little fire trucks waiting at the hall
One goes out to answer a call
With siren sounds and lights on bright
Off he goes, there’s a fire to fight!

(Countdown to …)
NO little fire trucks waiting at the hall
But there they all come back to their stalls
With sirens quiet and all made right
3 little fire trucks say good night.

Craft: Fire Dog paper bag puppets

I found some cute fire dog patterns here. We colored our fire dogs,then cut them out and glued them to paper bags for an easy craft.

We had a huge group today and everyone loved the fire truck theme. I felt like the books and rhymes that I chose for this topic were strong, but I wasn’t as crazy about my flannel board rhyme. All in all, a fun theme!

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