Friday, February 21, 2014

toddler time: hat party!

Our theme for Toddler Time today was HATS!

Mystery Box: When we opened the yellow box, we found a birthday hat. 

We passed out hats to all the children and we did this rhyme:

Put your hat UP, put your hat DOWN
Hold your hat and turn around!
Put your hat UP, put your hat  DOWN
Put your hat down on the ground

and then:

Silly Hat Song (Tune: This Old Man)
On my head, I wear my hat.
It is such a silly hat
That my head will wiggle waggle to and fro
Where else can my silly hat go?
[Repeat using foot, elbow and knee.]
Credit: SurLaLune Storytime (via Storytime Katie)

Books We Read:
Will You Wear a Blue Hat – Karp
Who's Under That Hat?- Weeks/Carter
Do You Have a Hat- Spinelli

Fun Hat Songs & Rhymes:

Winter Hokey Pokey
You put your scarf in, you put scarf hat out
You put your hat in, you put your hat out
You put your mittens in, you take your mittens out
You put your boots in, you take your boots out
You put your coat in, you put your coat out

Grandma’s Glasses
These are Grandma’s glasses
This is Grandma’s hat
This is the way she folds her hands
And lays them in her lap
Here are Grandpa’s glasses
And here is Grandpa’s hat
And here’s the way he folds his arms
And takes a little nap
Credit: Childhood (via Storytime Katie)

Flannel Story #1: Hats of Every Color (although I changed the first line because I couldn't find a good yellow clipart clown hat, I want to give credit for this rhyme to Jen in the Library - thanks Jen!)

When I build things, I'm a happy fellow
My hat is the color yellow.
When I fight fires, I protect my head
My hat is the color red.

I catch robbers, here’s a clue:
My hat is the color blue.
I had rabbits in my magic hat
My hat is the color black.

I’m a chef, I cook just right
My hat is the color white.

I’m a king, my crown is old
It’s a shiny shade of gold.

Flannel Story #2: Little Cat

I added four additional hats to our flannelboard: pirate, cowboy, winter and party ones. Then we looked for the kitty hidden under one of our hats saying, "Little Cat, Little Cat, Are you hiding under THIS hat?"

Puppet Rhyme: Bunny in a Hat by Folkmanis (I love this puppet & so do the kids!)

Little rabbit in a hat sitting so still
Will he pop out?
He hops to the left
he hops to the right
he hops all around
then he POPS out of sight!


Here is a bunny
With ears so funny
And here is his magical hat
When a noise he hears
He pricks up his ears 
And he jumps in his magical hat!

Craft: Winter hats using paper plates, snowflake foamies and pom poms. I borrowed this idea from Storytime Katie and it was awesome!

Awesome class today! The best part was one of the mothers told me that whenever they drive by the library, her little girl says "Miss Amy's House!" So cute!!

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