Tuesday, January 14, 2014

toddler time: Bedtime

Our toddler theme today was BEDTIME.

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found three animals: a green frog, a purple owl & an orange tiger

We passed out animal puppets to each child for our next rhyme:
Put your animals UP, put your animals DOWN
Hold your animals and turn around!
Put your animals UP, put your animals DOWN
Put your animals down on the ground

Books We Read:
Tuck Me In- Hacohen (great book, really held everyone’s attention)
Good Night- Pienkowski
Where Is Little Black Kitten- Miller

Flannel Story: 5 Cozy Blankets (I cannot remember where I found this cute felt story. Any help would be greatly appreciated so that I give proper credit to the author.)

Waiting for blankets...

5 cozy blankets in a pile on the floor
1 covered Rabbit, then there were 4

4 cozy blankets in a pile on the floor
1 covered Kitty, then there were 3

5 cozy blankets in a pile on the floor
1 covered Puppy, then there were 2

2 cozy blankets in a pile on the floor
1 covered Penguin, then there was 1

1 cozy blanket in a pile on the floor
1 covered Bear, then there was none!

All tucked in!

Puppet Song: Good Night by Laurie Berkner

I discovered this song on one of my most favorite blogs, Thrive After Three. Ms. Shaia uses this cute song with puppets and posted a great video with tons of info on her blog. After watching her video, I knew I had to try it! 

I decided to make cardstock puppets since I was missing two of the puppets mentioned in the song: the tiger and the little kid. I made little stick puppet versions for the kids to hold during the song. I also hid these small ones in the yellow box today.

I held up the larger, laminated puppets during the verses of the song & tucked them into “bed” (the top of a copy paper box with a towel folded up inside) and covered them up with blankets (always handy storytime scarves). We blew kisses to the puppets and waved to them. 

At the end, I put Dora in the bed & invited the kids to put their puppets in the bed with her. Ms. Shaia does this for each verse but it seemed simpler to me this way, plus it fills in some of the extra time at the end of the song. It worked out great & the kids LOVED it!

Craft: I found these adorable printable puppets to go with Tuck Me In. We colored them & taped them onto popsicle sticks. You can find them here.

It was very cold and icy today so we only had about 10 kids attending today. 

The books, flannel board and puppet song were so wonderful, this might be one of my favorite programs EVER!

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