Wednesday, January 22, 2014

preschool fun: Winter theme

Last month, I planned a snowman themed preschool program. Appropriately enough, we got a TON of snow that day and no one came to the library. So, I planned to use my snowman stuff this month instead. The day of our second snowman themed program finally arrives, along with MORE SNOW! Luckily, I did have one child attend. Next month’s preschool class will definitely have a different theme; the snowman one is just not working out for me this winter.

Books We Read:
Oh- Henkes
Snowmen at Night- Buehner
Little Wolf’s Song- Teckentrup
Brownie and Pearl See the Sights- Rylant
Snow Snow Snow- Harper

Most of these books worked great. I worried Little Wolf was a lot of text for our little attendee, but he seemed to enjoy it. Snow Snow Snow was just ok for me.

Flannel Story: There’s Something In the Snow (borrowed from the awesome blog: Storytime Katie)

There’s something in the snow,
What can it be?
There’s something in the snow
That I can't really see.
Hear its funny sound? 
A wolf is what I found!

(also: CAW CAW CAW! A cardinal…
GRR GRR GRR! A bear…

Craft: Snowman puppet on a stick

First, we trace a recycled CD onto a white piece of paper, cut it out & glue it to the CD.
We make a snowman face (with a pom pom nose), add a black hat and jumbo craft stick.
Then, cut a long strip of felt, fringe the ends and tie it around the stick. Add some glitter if you want. So cute!

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