Friday, January 17, 2014

baby & me: Cars!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a picture of a green car! A car goes VROOM!

Books We Read: 
Big and Little Things That Go- Bondor
Baby Goes Beep- O’Connell
Noodle Loves to Drive- Billet

Flannel Story: 
Green Car, Green Car, What Do You See?

We sang this to the tune Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, like Brown Bear, Brown Bear.
We had clip art pics (mostly from -- love them!): Red Bike, White Truck, Yellow Bus, Pink Plane and Blue Train.

This was AMAZING! We had everyone’s attention and most adults were singing along.

Roly Poly, the Hedgehog

Meet my new friend Roly Poly! I bring him out wrapped in a green scarf because he’s shy!

First we sing:
Where Is Hedgehog? (repeat)
Here I am! (repeat)
How are you today sir?
Very well I thank you!
Come & Play! (repeat)

Then we do the fingerplay Roly Poly, a really fun action rhyme about opposites:

Roly poly, roly poly Up Up Up! Up Up Up!
Roly Roly Poly, roly roly poly! Down Down Down! Down Down Down!
Repeat with Out & In, Fast & Slow!

Some librarians on the Flannel Friday facebook page gave me this idea. Thanks guys!

We had a lot of babies today. Many new faces. Today was the first NO FOOD ALLOWED session. Although 6 signs on neon pink paper are posted on the walls, the parents were whipping out the snacks before I even started. So I had to explain no more food, as requested by my manager & the custodial staff. It was a ZILLION times better than last week, seriously!!

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