Friday, December 13, 2013

baby & me: Animal Movement

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a blackbird. What does a bird say? Tweet, tweet! How does a bird move around? A bird flies

Books We Read: 
From Head to Toe- Carle (loved this one for the babies! We could point to the body parts in the text & do some of the movements together. GREAT!)
Tails Chasing Tails- Porter (despite the small size of this board book, some of the babies were paying close attention. Wish it were bigger.)
Do Donkeys Dance?- Walsh (great for my Animal Movement theme today but we ran out of time)

Flannel Story: Fox in a Box

Similar to the Mouse in the House felt board. I hid a little fox behind a felt square or box. I showed the bigger fox & said something like Let’s help Mama Fox find her little baby.

Little fox, little fox
Are you in the purple box?

Repeat with all the boxes until the baby fox is found. Some of the babies really enjoyed this today.

Puppet: Did You Ever See a Blackbird?

I found this theme & puppet song on Mel’s Desk. I made three popsicle stick puppets: Blackbird, Fishy, & Snake, but like she says you can really use any puppets you like. 

Did you ever see a blackbird, a blackbird, a blackbird,
Did you ever see a blackbird fly this way and that?
Fly this way, fly that way, fly this way, fly that way
Did you ever see a blackbird fly this way and that.

…a fishy swim this way and that
…a snake slither this way and that

We had a great class today despite some extremely cold temps. Although there wasn’t a ton of moms singing and in spite of a couple of distractions in the room, everyone seemed really happy & into the books and songs. We had a nice playtime after class also. Plus I got this wonderful Christmas card, which really made my day!

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