Wednesday, November 20, 2013

preschool fun: Turkey Day

Today, we had our THANKSGIVING themed preschool program. I love to make hand print turkeys with the kids; it’s become an annual tradition here! Since I haven’t found a ton of great turkey themed books for this age level, I like to focus on other aspects of the holiday as well, like EATING  and VISITING.

Books We Read:
Mmm, Let’s Eat!- Kopoman (great choice, really held their attention)
Let’s Go Visiting- Williams
The Thankful Book- Parr (a little long but so cute!)
The Beastly Feast- Goldstone
Setting the Turkeys Free- Nikola-Lisa (my favorite!!)

Flannel Story: Turkey Feathers
I purchased this set on ebay a few years ago & it came with this cute rhyme so I have no idea where it originated. 

This year, I handed out felt feathers & the kids brought them up when their colors were called and put them on the felt board.

Here is my friend Mr Turkey. 
What is Mr Turkey missing today? 
His feathers!!!

Mr Turkey was so sad
He lost the feathers he once had 
Now he wants us to help him find
All the feathers of his kind.
We will look both high and low
We will find them, don’t you know?
Here’s RED one and a BLUE.
Look we found a GREEN one too.
Here’s an ORANGE one and a YELLOW.
Soon he’ll be a feathered fellow.
Now we found the PURPLE one. 
BLACK and WHITE, we’re almost done.
If we just look up and down,
I know we’ll find the feather BROWN.
Now Mr Turkey is so glad
He found the feathers he once had.

Fun Food Rhyme:

Purple Stew
We’re making a purple stew (whip whip whip whip)
We’re making a purple stew (shoobie doobie doo)
With purple potatoes and purple tomatoes 
And even a purple YOU! (try with other colors as well!)

Prop: There Was An Old Lady

I found this idea on Flannel Friday, a wonderful post from Libraryland. I printed the images on  I glued the old lady to an empty tissue box so we could "feed" her the foods in the story. Great idea!

Craft: Hand print turkeys

First, we traced our hand on brown construction paper. We cut it out and pasted it onto a paper plate. Then, we decorated with crayons, googly eyes and of course, all different colored feathers!!! Easy, fun and I think it’s a great keepsake as well.

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