Friday, November 15, 2013

baby & me: Frogs are Fun!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a green frog with a long tongue for catching flies! What does a frog say? RIBBIT!!

Books We Read: 
What Am I? Frog & Friends- Wan
Pond Babies- Fallwell

Flannel Story: Little Frog I think I found this idea here)
Little frog is hiding! Where can she be?
Let’s try to find her.

Little Frog, Little Frog!
Are you behind the BLUE log?
(try other colors until you find her!)

Puppet: Mr Frog
Here is my friend Mr Frog! Would you like to hear his song?

One little frog went Hop Hop Hop!
Hop Hop Hop
Hop Hop Hop
One little frog went Hop Hop Hop!
Hopping on a lily pad! 

Another small group today and for some reason, I just never really got their attention. The moms were all so quiet, no one wanted to sing along or interact with their babies very much. I tried my hardest to engage them, asked them repeatedly to join in, explained that the babies loved their voices, etc., but nothing seemed to help so I cut things a little bit short (skipped the parachute because I need help with that one) and brought out the toys and books.  One of those days, I guess. Makes me realize that having even one or two parents to sing with me makes all the difference!

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