Saturday, November 9, 2013

baby & me: Dinosaurs!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a little dinosaur! What does a dinosaur say? ROAR!!

Books We Read:
Hello Dinosaur- Dwell Studio (love this series! I did not refer to the dinosaur names like the text but I mentioned the dinosaur colors instead)
Dinosaur’s Binkit- Boynton

Flannel Story: Dinosaur, Dinosaur

This is a "hide & seek" kind of felt board. I hid the small clip art dinosaur behind one of the shapes and we looked for her:

Dinosaur, Dinosaur, Look & see,
Your baby is gone! Where can she be?
Is she behind the red circle? Is she behind the green square?...

Puppet: Dino the Dinosaur

I used my dinosaur in an egg puppet for this rhyme:

Are you ready to meet my friend Dino the Dinosaur? He is hiding in this egg.

Where is Dino? PEEK A BOO!
Where is Dino? PEEK A BOO!
Where is Dino? PEEK A BOO!
Peekaboo to Dino!

The Dino puppet was the hit of the show today! Another smaller crowd this morning but very enjoyable with many sweet babies! Our attendance is definitely getting smaller lately, maybe due to colder weather and changing schedules. This group size really works better for me as far as giving more individualized attention and keeping the program peaceful and calm; the large groups are fun but can easily feel a bit chaotic!

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