Friday, November 22, 2013

baby & me: giving thanks!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a TURKEY! What does a turkey say? Gobble gobble!!

Books We Read: 
Five Silly Turkeys – Yoon (worked great, the moms & dads joined in for the counting)
Eat- Intrater (love how you can point to your chin, hair, etc., as the baby’s face gets dirty in this one; makes it much more interactive!)

Flannel Story: I am Thankful

I changed a couple of lines of this cute Thanksgiving song, it worked really well for me.

First, we put the four pieces on the felt board & identified them: a sun, a moon, fruit bowl, & children.

Then we sang this song (tune: Twinkle, Twinkle):

Thank you for the sun so bright
Thank you for the moon at night
Thank you for the food I eat
Thank you for the friends I meet
Thanks for everything I see (point to eyes)
I am thankful yessiree!

Puppet: 5 Little Turkeys Glove Puppet

5 little turkeys by the old barn door,
1 runs away, and now there are 4.     

4 little turkeys by the sycamore tree,
1 runs away, and now there are 3.

3 little turkeys gobbling as they do,
1 runs away, and now there are 2.

2 little turkeys strutting in the sun,
1 runs away, and  now there is 1.

1 lonely turkey run, runs away,
for soon it will be Thanksgiving Day!

OR Puppet Idea #2: Mr. Turkey

Hello Mr Turkey (tune:If You’re Happy)
Hello Mr Turkey, how are you (clap clap)
Hello Mr Turkey, how are you (clap clap)
With a gobble gobble gobble and a wobble wobble wobble,
Hello Mr Turkey, how are you (clap clap)

A great group today! I was feeling a little sad after last week's session but today we had a lot of fun; everyone was participating and enjoying playtime on the carpet (-:

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