Saturday, November 9, 2013

American Girl Doll Party

Due to the popularity of American Girl Dolls in our community, I decided to try a doll themed program at the library. I wanted to offer an experience similar to the events featured at the American Girl Doll Store in nearby Manhattan. After research this kind of party on the internet, I found some great ideas that I could duplicate easily and without breaking the bank. After a bit of planning & help from my team, we had a lovely program with crafts, stories and refreshments. The guests and their mothers really enjoyed this special event.

First, I welcomed the girls and their dolls to the party. On the event flyer, I wrote party clothes were welcome and many of the girls dressed up. I had two short tables set up for the dolls with small chairs, plates, etc. , and two taller tables were set up for the girls with regular size plates, cups, etc. One of my co-workers is excellent with origami and paper folding, so she created some beautiful decorations from the napkins as well as pretty pink paper snowflakes  that we placed on the tables and hung on the walls. We also hung some pink balloons and if I had more money, I would have purchased some tablecloths. Pink and white were the chosen colors.

First, we enjoyed refreshments: pink Hawaiian punch and sugar cookies with pink frosting; small sugar cookies for the dolls of course. On each table, I placed a small silver pail with ice breaker questions for the girls to discuss at their tables because I read that they do this at real AGD parties at the store.

After everyone finished their refreshments, we had craft time. We made ponchos for the dolls from pink felt with pretty painted buttons for decoration. I found the poncho idea here. I also had some donated small fushia tote bags that we decorated with foam stickers.

To end the program, we gathered everyone together with their dolls for a story: Fancy Nancy, The Fanciest Doll in the Universe. Although the guests’ ages ranged from 6 to 10, everyone seemed to enjoy this sweet & funny doll story.

Although this program was really stressing me out because I wanted everything to be perfect (as well as my perpetual fear that no one would show up), it all turned out wonderfully. I think the moms really appreciated this event because the real tea parties at the store cost like $100 per person and the girls enjoyed the opportunity to do something really “girly”.

Our branch AG doll with her new poncho & tote bag.

Our pretty tables...

Kirsten @ the doll table

Some of our other doll guests...

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