Saturday, October 26, 2013

toddler time: Monster Fun!

Our toddler theme today was MONSTERS!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a two silly monsters!

We passed out cute monster finger puppets to each child for our next rhyme:

Monsters up! Monsters down! Hold your monster & turn around.
Monsters up! Monsters down! Put your monster on the ground.

Books We Read:
Nighty Night Little Green Monster – Emberley
Monster, Monster- Walsh
Bedtime Little Monsters- Harris

Marvelous Monster Rhymes:

two silly monsters

Two Little Monsters
Two little monsters sitting in a tree 
one named Dave, one named Dee
Stomp away Dave, stomp away Dee
Stomp back Dave, stomp back Dee

If You’re a Monster...
If you’re a monster & you know it, wave your arms
If you’re a monster & you know it, wave your arms
If you’re a monster & you know it, and you really want to show it
If you’re a monster & you know it, wave your arms
(stomp feet, beep nose, etc)

Monster, Monster
Monster, monster, turn around
Monster, monster, touch the ground
Monster, monster, reach up high
Monster, monster, close your eyes
Monster, monster, show your teeth
Monster, monster, stamp your feet

Flannel Story: One Little Monster

I love these clipart monsters which I found on a great website called Picklebums

One little monster had a fright
On a dark & stormy night
He thought it was so much fun so he called for another monster to come!
Five little monsters had a fright
On a dark and stormy night
They had fun but were ready to sleep 
so they went to bed without a peep! SNORE!!!!

Prop: Dot the Hungry Monster

I got the inspiration for Dot from two of my favorite blogs: Fun with Friends at Storytime and In the Children's Room. Thanks guys!!!

I made Dot from poster board with a tissue box attached at the mouth area so we can "feed" her. The box also serves as a base if I place her on the edge of a table or a place for my hand to grip her if I hold her up. 

When I brought Dot out for Toddler Time, I actually had everyone's attention and the room was completely silent!!! Some of the toddlers even wanted to feed Dot during playtime.

Would you guys like to meet my new friend? 
This is Dot the Hungry Monster! 
Would you like to feed Dot with me?

Dot the Hungry Monster!

Dot the monster ate a monster lunch!
A monster pie
A monster punch
A monster apple
A monster plum
This monster filled her monster tum!
She licked a monster lollipop
She drank some monster soda pop
She chomped some monster chocolate cake
And got a monster tummy ache!

Monster Food (laminated clipart pics)

We colored monster puppets, decorated them with brightly colored dot stickers and taped them onto popsicle sticks.

We had a wonderful program today and great attendance!! Everyone loved the monster theme.

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  1. Where did you get your adorable monster finger puppets, Amy?