Thursday, October 31, 2013

halloween party

This afternoon, we celebrated Halloween with spooky stories and a special treat!

Books We Read:
Ghosts in the House- Kohara
In a Dark Dark Wood- Carter
Just Say Boo- Hood
The Spooky Box- Gonyea
The Spooky Wheels on the Bus- Mills

Stories I Told:
The Little Orange House, a great paper-cutting story about a kind little witch who needs to find a home for the winter. She decides to make an orange sheet of paper into her house but she needs a roof, a door, a window and a small door for her friend, Mouse. 

House "Before"

House "After" (unfold the paper to reveal a jack o lantern!)

Flannel Story: Mrs McMurphy’s Pumpkin based on the book by Rick Walton. I found this idea here. The kids loved it!

We made Halloween Hands from plastic gloves filled with candy corns (for nails) and popcorn decorated with ribbon and spider rings.

Many kids arrived dressed in great costumes and even some of the staff dressed up as well! It was a great party and everyone loved their popcorn hands.

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