Thursday, October 24, 2013

baby & me: Spiders!

SPIDERS was our Baby & Me theme for today.

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a little spider finger puppet!

Books We Read: 
The Very Busy Spider - Carle- 
Miss Spider’s Tea Party: The Counting Book- Kirk

Flannel Story: Where Is Spider?

One of my most favorite youtube channels is Miss Tracy at little storybug. She has so many awesome flannel boards! Last year, I copied her “Where Is Pumpkin?” board and this year I used the same song and leaves but traded the pumpkin for my little felt spider. You can catch Miss Tracy here.

We have to find Spider, he’s under one of these leaves. Can you sing along with me?

Where Is Spider? Where is Spider?
Here I am! Here I am!
Hiding under red leaf, hiding under red leaf.
Look and see! Look and see!

We check under all the leaves until we find that cute little spider. Love him!

Puppet: Spider Glove puppet

We did the Itsy Bitsy Spider (of course!) and also the Very Quiet Spider. You could also do There's a Spider on the Floor!

Great program today, although no one seemed interested in my books at all. Someone wandered off with the Little Miss Spider one! It was ok tho, we just did more bounces and songs instead. The flannel board and puppet were great!

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