Monday, September 23, 2013

toddler time: hop on the bus

Our toddler theme today was BUSES!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a picture of a bus! What color is our bus? Yellow!

We handed out yellow bus stick puppets & we did our first rhyme:

Buses up! Buses down!
Hold your bus & turn around.
Buses up! Buses down!
Put your bus on the ground.

Books We Read:
Maisy Drives the Bus- Cousins (we waved to all Maisy’s friends as they boarded the bus; simple storyline but great for this age group)
The Bus for Us- Bloom (I never used this one before but its a keeper! really held their attention)
Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus- Dean (great take on one of my favorite songs)

Other Good Bus books:
Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus- Willems (My toddlers are pretty young but I’d try this with preschoolers for sure)
Don’t Squish the Sasquatch- Redeker
The Seals on the Bus - Hort
Flannel Story: Five Yellow Buses

5 yellow buses
Around the town they zoom
1 makes a stop & the others go vroom

How many yellow buses are left?
I found this cute flannel idea at Anne's Library Life.

Un-Flannel Stories:

My tissue box school bus & our school bus sticks puppets

I made a bus from an empty tissue box by printing out a color pic & laminating it. You could use this with many different songs & rhymes. 

I found this cute rhyme on Flannel Friday a few days ago:

The Lonely Bus Driver (from Read, Rhyme & Sing )
One lonely bus driver all alone and blue,
He picked up a passenger and then there were two.
Two people riding, they stopped by a tree,
They picked up a passenger, and then there were three.
Three people riding, they stopped by a store,
They picked up a passenger, and then there were four.
Four people riding, waiting to arrive,
They picked up a passenger, and then there were five.

(I altered one line slightly & left off the last verse because it seemed so sad to leave the bus driver all alone again!) I found my clipart of the children's faces on

Another great use for this bus prop is The Animals on the Bus from 1 2 3 4 More Storytimes

I found this cute bus craft for the kids to color here. There is also a separate sheet with animals to paste into the windows. The kids loved taking their very own bus home! One toddler kept saying "BUS! BUS!" as he held his completed art project.

We had a great turnout today with 22 kids! 

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