Wednesday, September 18, 2013

preschool fun: fun with buttons

Today’s preschool program theme was BUTTONS.

Books We Read: 
The Hole Story- Merriam
Lots of Dots- Frazier
Press Here – Tullet
Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow- Shea
Pete the Cat & His Four Groovy Buttons- Dean

Songs and Rhymes We Did:
Open, Shut Them
Finger Dance
Purple Stew
Touch Your Nose
Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Flannel Story: Five Little Buttons found here.

5 little buttons on the coat that I wore

Dad buttoned the red one, then there were four

4 little buttons, up and down you see

Mom buttoned the orange one, then there were three

3 little buttons and before I knew

My brother buttoned the yellow one, then there were two

2 little buttons, oh what fun

My sister buttoned the green one, then there was one

1 little button, blue and undone

I buttoned it myself and then there were none

We made Pete the cat stick puppets from Making Learning Fun. I gave the kids a choice between pom pom buttons or pre-cut paper ones. The pom pom ones were very popular!

We had a great group this morning and lots of preschoolers. After seeing babies & toddlers so much lately, these kids seem so much bigger to me now!

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