Wednesday, September 25, 2013

kids craft: apples, apples, apples

Today, we celebrated apple season and the life of a man named Johnny Appleseed!

Books We Read:
Ducking for Apples by Lynne Berry (the kids loved this silly tale of five bicycle riding ducks!)
Johnny Appleseed – Jodie Shepherd (a good choice for reading aloud)
A New House for Mouse – Petr Horacek (I love this great fall book and so did the kids)

We made Johnny Appleseed Puppets from these cute kits at Oriental
We also made Apple Jack bracelets using pipe cleaners and cereal, and also shared a bottle of some delicious apple juice.

One of my cute paper apples dangling from the pull down film screen

I hid red paper apples all around the program room for the children to find. Each person with an apple earned a prize!

We had almost 20 children attend our party and everyone had a great time.

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