Saturday, August 17, 2013

toddler time: the nose knows

ELEPHANTS and NOSES were the themes for our toddler program today.

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found an elephant finger puppet. I pointed out the elephants ears, tail and trunk. Some of the toddlers pet him.

Books We Read:
Where’s Ellie- Yoon
Whose Nose- Rowe
Sniff – Van Fleet

More Excellent Elephant Books:
Hide and Seek Elmer- McKee
I Dream of an Elephant- Rubinger
Dancing Feet- Craig
Tweak Tweak- Bunting

Flannel Story: One Little Elephant

One little elephant balancing
Step by step on a piece of string
He found it such tremendous fun
That he called for another elephant to come
Hey Elephant! (place another elephant on the board)

Two, Three, Four, Five …

Six little elephants balancing
Step by step on a piece of string
They found it such tremendous fun
But the string went SNAP [clap]
And they all fell down (make all the elephants fall off the board)

We made these adorable elephant puppets. I cut out a hole in their faces so kids could insert fingers for the trunks or a party blower. Everyone wanted the party blowers. They were a little noisy but they looked great and everyone had a wonderful time.

Elephant puppets for the kids to hold & today's craft

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