Thursday, August 8, 2013

baby & me: bears

Today, I built my program around my Teddy Gets Dressed felt board, so our books were about BEARS and CLOTHES.

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a little stuffed bear.

Books We Read:
Let’s Get Dressed - Church
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See – Martin (When I held up this book, I asked everyone to sing along with me to the tune Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and THEY DID, it was awesome! All the babies were mesmerized, even the ones crawling around on the carpet were looking. It was AMAZING!)

Flannel Story: Teddy Gets Dressed

I found this pattern in a wonderful Judy Sierra book called Mother Goose’s Playhouse. We sang to the tune Mary Had a Little Lamb

Teddy, where are your clothes?

Here is Teddy, but where are his clothes? Let’s find something for him to wear today.

Here is something… RED!

Teddy wore a red shirt, red shirt, red shirt
Teddy wore a red shirt all day long.

And how about this? This is BLUE! It’s his pants.

Teddy wore his blue pants…(repeat with yellow hat, green socks, white shoes)

Teddy all dressed & ready to go!

Puppet:  I had my bear in a tree stump puppet but we ran out of time.

We had a full house today with about 26 babies, it was very crowded. I wasn’t sure if we should skip our Hello Song because we sing to each baby and its time consuming, but the babies love this part and so do I! So we sang it. 

This is our Hello Song:
Hello Alex, Hello Alex (wave)
Hello Alex, we’re so glad you here!
Yay Alex!(clapping)

Some of the little ones who have been coming to Baby & Me for a while wave back and clap at the end. Most of the newer babies will smile at the sound of their name being sung, it’s a great way to start the program.

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