Friday, August 23, 2013

baby & me: big & little

Our Baby theme for this week was BIG & LITTLE. We also featured MICE.

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found TWO white mice: a little one (finger puppet) & a big one (hand puppet). What does a mouse say? Squeak, squeak!!

Books We Read: 
BIG Little- Patricelli
So Big- Yaccarino
Now I Am Big - Krensky

Flannel Story: Mouse House

Little Mouse, Little Mouse, are you in the red house?

Puppet:  Peekaboo Mousie

I cut a hole in the middle of a box lid and covered it with paper so my mouse finger puppet could pop in and out of the hole. The babies loved this:

Where is mousie? Peek a BOO!
Where is mousie? Peek a BOO!
Where is mousie? Peek a BOO!
Peek a Boo to Mousie (tune: Skip to my Lou)

Puppet #2:

I also brought out my Three Mice in a Box puppet:

Three White Mice
My red box is a present
But it isn’t what you think
There are three little friends inside
With noses that are pink

Can you guess what they are
They are three white mice!
With their long white tails
Don’t they look nice?

(But they like their home
As you can see
They’re going back in
So say goodbye, 1 2 3)

We had a great group of babies despite some nasty thunderstorms today!

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