Saturday, June 8, 2013

toddler time: froggy fun

The toddler theme this week was FROGS!

Books We Read:
The Icky Sticky Frog- Bentley/Yoon
Llama, Llama Hippity Hop- Dewdney
If You’re Happy and You Know It- Carter

Other Fun Frog Books:
Croakey Pokey- Ethan Long
Froggy Gets Dressed – Jonathan London
Jump- Fischer

Frog Rhyme:

Two little froggies sitting on a hill
One named Jack, One named Jill
Jump away Jack, Jump away Jill
Jump back Jack, jump back Jill

Un-Flannel Board: Six Frogs on a Log

I made this prop from a heavy cardboard roll, Velcro dots and green cardstock froggies. I added felt bowties and googly eyes for extra pizzazz.

We begin by counting the frogs on the log together, then we sing this song (tune: Happy Birthday)

I see six green frogs
I see six green frogs
I see six green frogs
But one hopped away! (remove one!)

Bye bye froggy!
(repeat until there are zero frogs on the log.)

I made little popsicle stick frog puppets in all different colors for all the kids to hold for this special rhyme:

Frogs up!
Frogs down!
Hold your frog and turn around.
Frogs up!
Frogs down!
Put your froggy on the ground!

I learned last time that the toddlers loved having something to hold during the program so this week we did frogs and everyone loved it.

To collect the frogs, I attempted this song:

Froggies in the Pool
Little froggies (RED, YELLOW, BLUE, ETC) if you want to be cool
Come right up and jump in the pool!

I had a big box for the frogs to land in. My froggy got a little mangled in all the excitement as all the toddlers started tossing frogs of every color into the box all at once. Then some of the toddlers started pulling bunches of frogs out of the box, it was hilarious, like froggy CHAOS! I found this cute idea on Flannel Friday last week. You can find it here.

Frog on a lily pad puppet

I had some Ellison machine cut frogs but you could use any frog clipart. I cut out lily pad shapes that we taped to popsicle sticks as a base. We colored and decorated the lily pads with adhesive foamy flowers. Then we stuck our frog puppets on with Velcro dots so we could use the puppet both on and off his lily pad. They came out very cute!

We had an amazing crowd today with all seats taken. For the first time, we are offering Toddler Time on a weekly basis this month. The weather today was rainy and unpleasant, but we had lots of kids attend and a wonderful program today. One woman told me that when her grandson hears my name at home, he gets very happy and that just made my week!

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