Saturday, June 29, 2013

toddler time: doggies

DOGS were the theme for today’s toddler program.

Mystery Box: 
Inside our yellow box, we found a cute mini Spot the dog stuffed animal

Books We Read:
Where’s Spot?- Eric Hill
Wiggle- Doreen Cronin
Five Little Puppies Jumping on the Bed- Karr
If You’re Happy and You Know It- Carter

Other Great Dog Books:
Bark George- Feiffer
Dog's Colorful Day- Dodd 

Flannel Story: Where is Spot’s Bone?

I made four felt dog houses and hid a bone or something else behind each one. First, we counted the dog houses together. Then, we named each one’s color. Finally, we said this little rhyme: “Hey there Spot! Where is your bone? Did someone put it in your RED home?” We repeated this until we found Spot’s white bone behind the white dog house. I also hid objects under the other doghouses to give us something else to discuss. I found this cute idea here and changed the character from Clifford to Spot but both would work great!

Flannel Song: BINGO

The beloved classic song “Bingo” was a perfect fit for our dog theme today so I borrowed a wonderful flannel idea from a blog called Miss MaryLiberry.As we sing the song we turn over the letters one at a time to reveal a cute dog picture. 

This song felt a bit long but all the parents were singing along and it really helped keep the attention of the children.


I made puppy stick puppets for all the toddlers today and we did two fun rhymes with them:

Dogs up, dogs down
Hold your dog and turn around
Dogs up, dogs down
Put your doggie on the ground

Two little doggies sitting on a hill
One named Jack, one named Jill
Run away Jack, Runaway Jill
Come back Jack, comeback Jill!

Dog stick puppet, Spot craft & our mini stuffed Spot

I found this cute Spot coloring page where he peeks out of the basket a long time ago. We also pulled out the toys and bubbles, and everyone hung out for a while on the carpet. A very fun morning!

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