Thursday, June 20, 2013

preschool fun: fly high

Our preschool theme today was THINGS THAT FLY!

Books We Read:

Kite Day- Hillenbrand
A Plane Goes Kazoom- London
Higher Higher- Patricelli
Birds- Henkes

Also Read:
Row Row Row Your Boat- Ellwand
More Fun With Maisy- Cousins
Playground Day- Merz

Purple Stew
Let Everyone Clap Hands Like Me
Open Shut Them
Touch Your Nose/Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes
Two Little Bluebirds
Way Up in the Sky

Flannel Story: Five Kites

Five Lit­tle Kites
One lit­tle kite in the sky so blue,
Along came another, then there were two.
Two lit­tle kites fly­ing high above me;
Along came another, then there were three.
Three lit­tle kites, just watch them soar,
Along came another, then there were four.
Four lit­tle kites, so high and alive
Along came another, then there were five.
Five lit­tle kites danc­ing across the sky,
What a sight to see, way up so high!
Step By Step — Kite Theme

Flannel Story #2

Five little kites, way up in the sky
Say hi to the clouds, as they pass by.
Say hi to the bird, say hi to the sun
Say hi to the airplane, Oh what fun!
Then swish went the wind
And they all took a dive:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5   (take kites off board)

We made kite magnets (kits from Oriental Trading Co) and airplane stick puppets decorated  with stickers!

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