Friday, June 7, 2013

baby & me: duck, duck. goose!

Our baby themes today were DUCKS and MORNINGS.

Mystery Box:
Inside the yellow box, we found Duck from Tad Hill’s Duck and Goose book series.

Today We Read:
Hello Day – Lobel
Wake Up Me-  McGee
Five Busy Ducklings – Rookie Toddler series

Flannel Story: Where Is Baby Duckling?

“Baby Duck, are you in the white egg?” Repeat until you find the baby duckling.

Puppet Rhyme:

I used my new stuffed barn animal set for the song When Cows Get Up in the Morning.  There is a cow, a pig, a duck and a chicken. Purchased on, this set was a little smaller than I expected but I'm pretty happy with it. I will definitely be using this as a prop on a semi regular basis and the babies loved playing with it after class too.

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