Friday, June 28, 2013

baby & me: life's a beach

Our baby theme today was the BEACH and SUMMER!

Mystery Box: 
Inside our yellow box, we found a cute mini beach ball!

Books We Read:
Baby Loves Summer – Karen Katz
1 2 3 in the Sea – Sue DiCicco
Splash – Intrater

Flannel Story: Red Fish, Red Fish

This flannel is based on Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear book. We put different color fishes on the flannel board one at a time and say “Red fish, red fish, what do you see? I see a blue fish looking at me!” Repeat until all your colors are done. Today, we did about eight different colors with the caregivers all joining in on our rhyme and everyone really enjoyed it.

Puppet: Purple Octopus

Ms Octopus awake

I found the idea for a two sided puppet on an amazing blog called Storytime ABC's, along with this adorable rhyme:

An octopus is sleeping at the bottom of the sea
Her eyes are closed up tightly
She can’t see you or me

But if she senses danger, her eyes will open wide! (reverse puppet)
Then she’ll quickly swim away
Back to her den to hide

We had a great group today with over 20 kids, plus a few big brothers and sisters since school is out for the summer. 

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