Saturday, May 11, 2013

toddler time: caterpillars

Our Toddler Time theme for today was CATERPILLARS!

Books We Read:
The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle (I used the large board book version and the kids loved coming up to the pages to put their fingers in the little holes. It really helped keep their attention for this one.)

Also Read:
Uh-oh I’m Sorry – published by Little Scholastic
If You’re Happy and You Know It- David Carter

Other Great Caterpillar/Butterfly/Bug Books:
Caterpillar’s Wish – Murphy
One Little Blueberry- Salzano
Butterfly, Butterfly – Petr Horacek

Flannel Board:

Circle of Color Song 
(from; check out the great youtube video here ) 

Circle purple, circle blue, circle green and yellow too
Circle orange, circle red, circle smiling overhead
Come and count the colors with me
How many colors can be seen?
1 2 3 down to green
4 5 6 colors can be seen
Circle purple, circle blue, circle green and yellow too
Circle orange, circle red, circle smiling overhead
What does it make? A caterpillar!!

I broke out my handy caterpillar/butterfly puppet from Folkmanis again with this rhyme:

There was a little caterpillar crawling all about. (Walk with fingers on arm)
He worked and he worked without a doubt. (Wiggle fingers)
Wrapping himself in a snug cocoon.(Wrap other hand around fingers)
Waiting and waiting, will it be soon? (hold fingers)
Look, he's coming out, my oh my! (raise arms in excitement)
For now he's become a beautiful butterfly (Cross thumbs and flap hands like wings)

Another good one from this site:
The fuzzy little caterpillar went up into a tree
(act like you're climbing) 
spun his cocoon and then (yawn) went to sleep (spin hands)
While he was sleeping, he dreamt that he could fly (making flying motion) 
When he woke up (loud, excited) he was a butterfly.

Caterpillar headbands and puppets

I found the cutest caterpillar hats on this blog and I knew we had to make them with the kids at my library. Luckily, great instructions AND patterns were available so it was super easy! They came out sooo cute!!

I also found a caterpillar coloring page that I printed on card stock so we could color, cut and tape them on to popsicle sticks. Both crafts were a hit with the kids and their parents today!

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