Monday, May 20, 2013

baby & me: peekaboo bear

I decided to go with a PEEKABOO theme for today’s baby program but also featured BEARS

Mystery Box:
Inside the yellow box, there was a cute clipart picture of a bear.

Today We Read:
Colors Pop-up Peekaboo- published by DK
Peekaboo Who- Taback

Other Good Peekaboo Books:
Peekaboo, Blueberry-Salzberg
Peek-a-baby- Katz
Peekaboo- Price

Puppet Rhyme:
My Bear (in a Tree Stump Puppet) seemed like the perfect choice to go with my peekaboo theme, and I found a new song to use with my babies:

(tune: Skip to My Lou)
Where is Bear? Peeka-BOO!
Where is Bear? Peeka-BOO! 
Where is Bear? Peeka-BOO!
Peeka-BOO to baby!

It was a hit with the babies at my program, really got their attention! I might even use my new Mr Bear song on a regular basis.

We had a huge turn out for baby & me today with 25 babies! Check out all the strollers (-:

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