Tuesday, April 16, 2013

preschool program: talking about trash

Time to take out the trash; it’s a GARBAGE theme today!

Books Read:
Trashy Town- Dan Yaccarino
Big Smelly Bear- Britta Teckentrup
I Love Trucks- Philemon Sturges
Smash! Mash! There Goes the Trash! – Barbara Odanaka
Mouse Mess – Linnea Riley

Flannel Board: 4 Little Garbage Trucks

First, I passed out little felt bags of trash in four colors: blue, purple, red and yellow.

Next, I showed the kids my trash trucks. We counted them and noted the colored stars on each truck: yellow for yellow bags, red for red bags, etc.

Then I asked the kids to come up and put their felt trash bags next to the correct truck. We all did this part out loud together.

Finally, we did this rhyme:

4 little garbage trucks painted green
Picking up trash to keep the town clean
They work and they work until they fill up
Now one of the garbage trucks drives to the dump!
Back up!!! BEEP BEEP!

(continue until all the garbage trucks and trash bags are gone and the flannel board is empty.)

Activity: Picking up the Trash

I made a little garbage truck using a paper lunch bag and trash truck clip art. Before our craft, I asked if anyone saw any trash laying around the room that I could place in my trash truck. Coincidentally, there were small things all over the room (that I had planted there on purpose for this activity – this was not real trash!), like colored straws, felt scraps, old magazine pages, plastic spoons, etc. At first the kids pointed the trash out to me and I picked it up, but after a few moments, they started walking around looking for garbage. It felt like a treasure hunt! Fun!

Note: I found many of today’s trash ideas on these wonderful blogs.:

Thanks to my fellow librarians for posting your amazing ideas!


Paper bag garbage trucks! To make yourself, just print out a coloring page for a trash truck. Decorate and glue to a brown paper lunch bag. We used tissue paper squares and, of course, glitter!

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