Thursday, April 11, 2013

craft for kids: spring

Spring Craft

This week, we had a special springtime craft program for kids. They created beautiful windsock decorations using construction paper, foamies, streamers, cotton balls and pipe cleaners. All the participants were very proud of their creations and excited to hang up their colorful windsocks at home.

To make your own spring windsock at home, follow these easy instructions:

1.       Cut a piece of construction paper in half.
2.      Staple the ends together so you have one long piece of paper
3.      Decorate however you want! I bought some colorful bug and flower foamies and some cotton balls for making clouds.
4.     Tape or glue long strips of colorful streamers to the bottom edge of your windsock so they will dance in the breeze.
5.      Staple the ends of your windsock together to make a tube and tape a pipe cleaner handle on so you can hang it up at home.


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