Thursday, April 25, 2013

baby & me: what's the weather?

Our theme for today was CLOUDS and WEATHER!

Mystery Box:
Inside the yellow box, we found a happy cloud.
(I printed a clip art cloud with a smiley face on our color printer. On the reverse side, I drew a sad cloud with a tear.)

Today We Read:
It Looked Like Spilt Milk- Shaw (great for our cloud theme!)
Where Is Baby’s Belly Button- Karen Katz (The size and brightly colored illustrations of this book are perfect for a large group of infants and walkers.)

Other Good Weather Books:
You Are My Sunshine AND Rain Rain Go Away- Caroline Church
Little Cloud- Eric Carle
One Rainy Day – Tammi Salzano

Flannel Story: Little Cloud

I hide a small cloud behind four felt shapes and say “Little Cloud, Little Cloud, are you behind the blue square?”  until we find him. I found this great idea on Mel's Desk! LOVE her blog!

Puppet Rhyme:
(with one sun and two cloud stick puppets created from clipart)

Two little clouds on a beautiful day
Went sailing across the sky
They went so fast they bumped their heads
And they both began to cry 
(moms in the room did a collective “Awww” sound here!)

The big round sun came out and said
Oh never mind my dears
I’ll send all my sunbeams down
To dry up all your tears.

We sang “You Are My Sunshine” to finish up our weather themed program.

It was great to see some new little faces this morning! Another great day for attendance as 18 babies and 20 adults participated in today’s session. Baby & Me has really turned into a wonderful program here, one that I genuinely look forward to every week. Its been so rewarding to watch the little ones grow and change from week to week. Last week, one mother told me that her son was so excited for the library that he couldn’t eat his breakfast that morning and it made my day!

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