Monday, March 4, 2013

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Birthdays (Part 2!)

Today’s theme: Birthdays & PRESENTS!

Books Read:
If You Give a Pig a Party- Numeroff
What Are You Doing, Maisy? - Cousins
With Love From Maisy- Cousins

Fun "mouse related" books: 
Mouse Paint- Walsh, City Animals- Taback

Flannel Story

A Present from Mouse

Before our flannel story today, I read If You Give a Pig a Party. Then I told the kids that my friend Mouse went to a party and look at all the presents! 
Lets see if we can find the present that Mouse brought!

I hid Mouse behind his present and we chanted this rhyme as we looked for him:
"Did you bring the green box, green box, green box
Did you bring the green box, Little Mouse?"

The kids really enjoyed looking for Mouse and were very excited when they finally found him. Here is a close up view:

I found this great flannel idea on one of my most favorite blogs:
The author of this blog has some amazing ideas and her flannel boards are always gorgeous!


To finish up, we made party mouse puppets to take home. I found a clip art mouse online and some colorful party hats. I cut everything out in advance so the kids could color, paste and go!

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