Thursday, March 21, 2013

preschool fun: on your feet

This week's theme: SOCKS & FEET!

Books Read:
Have You Seen My New Blue Socks- Bunting
Dancing Feet – Craig
Jump - Fischer
New Socks- Shea
Duck Sock Hop- Kohuth
Fox in Socks- Seuss

Flannel Board:
Sock Matching/Five Pairs of Dirty Socks

I finally got to use my new washing machine prop! I found this idea on Flannel Friday. I used an old tissue box and felt.

First, I put one of each sock on my flannel board and the mates in my washer. I told the kids I was missing some of my socks, maybe they are in the wash. This group was pretty young so although I’d envisioned letting the kids come up and pull the socks out of the washer, I didn’t think it would work out well today. SO I pulled out the mates and the kids helped me match all the socks. 
After we had all the pair lined up, we counted them and started this rhyme:

5 pairs of dirty socks on my bedroom floor
Mom washed the blue pair and then there were 4

4 pairs of dirty socks that belong to me
Mom washed the red pair and then there were 3

3 pairs of dirty socks, What’s a kid to do?
Mom washed the green pair and then there were2

2 pairs of dirty socks, I wear them when I run.
Mom washed the purple pair and then there was 1.

1 pair of dirty socks, one and only one,
Mom washed the last pair, my favorite pair of all!.

No more dirty socks, Mom washed them all today,
But wait until tomorrow, cause there’s more on the way!

As I pulled the socks off the flannel board, I put them in the washing machine. I definitely think my new prop added some fun to this flannel board.


Although I had to cut the program short today and we didn’t get to read a few pages of Fox in Socks, we did do a cute fox/socks craft: paper bag puppets. If you would like to make your own puppet, you can find the template right here!


  1. Please help! I can't find your Fox sack puppet template.

    1. i have update the link, please try it now!