Thursday, March 28, 2013

baby & me: funny bunny

We had a very full house for our baby program today! Our theme for today was BUNNIES!

Mystery Box:
Today, the little yellow box contained a rabbit finger puppet. The rabbit’s head pops in and out of a tall black hat. The babies loved playing peekaboo with the rabbit.

Books Read:
Peekaboo, Blueberry- Saltzberg
Whose Ears? – Rowe
Hop! – Phyllis Root

Flannel Story: Bunnies in the Grass

Five little bunnies sitting in the grass
Uh oh, there one goes
He hopped away fast!

A simple rhyme, but the babies were quite mesmerized by the bunnies.
I found this cute rhyme on a great website: You can find the bunny rhyme here.
I found this amazing bunny idea (with a template!!! Hooray!) and a great rhyme on another fantastic blog: Loons and Quines@ Librarytime.


Two little bunnies hopping in the dirt
One named Gus, One named Gert
Hop away Gus
Hop away Gert
Hop back Gus
Hop back Gert
(I kind of adapted Two Little Blackbirds to go with my bunny theme!)

Hop Your Bunny
Hop your bunny up high
Hop your bunny down low
Hop your bunny side to side
Hop him all around
Hop him on your shoulder
Hop him on your head
Hop him on your belly
And then put him to bed!
(repeat with two bunnies)

These adorable bunny puppets were purchased on

We had a record breaking 13 babies and 16 adults join our baby program today!

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