Friday, March 22, 2013

baby & me: mice are nice

Today's baby theme was: MICE!

Mystery Box:
Today the little yellow box contained a little white mouse puppet!

Books Read:
Whose Nose- Rowe
Peekaboo Baby- Braun

Flannel Story: The Mouse House

"Little Mouse, Little Mouse, Are you in the (color) house?"


Three Mice in a Box

Possible rhymes to use:

Where are the little mice?
   Squeak, squeak, squeak
   I do not see them so I'll
   Peek, peek, peek.
   HERE they come out of their hole in the box
   Let's rock!

What do you think is here inside?
   Do you think it's an elephant trying to hide?
   Or maybe a horse with a tail and a mane?
   No, that's all silly, this box is too small.
   A horse or a cat wouldn't fit there at all.
   I'll give you a hint. (Aren't you dying to peek?)
   Their whiskery noses will tickle your cheek.
   There's not one, there's not two but three little creatures.
   Long tails and bright eyes are two more of their features.
   No more hints! 'Cause I guessed! And it's so squeaky nice,
   It's my favoritest thing: Three soft, twinkly mice.
                                                              ---Madeline Scott

10 moms and 10 babies attended today on yet another frigid March morning.

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