Tuesday, February 19, 2013

toddler time: crazy about cars

Our toddler theme today was CARS!

Books to Read:
Brownie and Pearl Go for a Spin by Cynthia Rylant (I’m a big fan of Brownie & Pearl!)
In the Driver’s Seat by Max Haynes
Red Light, Green Light by Anastasia Suen
My Car by Byron Barton

Cute "Car Related" Fingerplays:
I’m Driving in My Car (Drive with pretend steering wheel)
Old MacDonald Had a Car
Twinkle, Twinkle Traffic Light

Flannel Story:

Lots of Cars
There are lots of cars driving down the street
(Hands on steering wheel, turning back and forth)
Tell me what color car do you see?
(Place a felt car on the board)
“I see a red car.”
Big cars, Little Cars,
(Spread arms for big, bring hands close for little)
Beep, beep, beep(Hand taps nose three times)
(Repeat until all cars are on the board)


Wheels on the Car
We gave the children cars cut from cardstock and two wheels each.  Use paper fasteners to create cars with moveable wheels.  We decorated our cars with crayons & star stickers!
Nice template at:

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