Thursday, February 28, 2013

preschool visit: birthdays are the best


There are so many wonderful picture books about birthdays! In fact, I was so inspired by all the great ideas that I found on this theme, I decided to break it into 

  • Balloons
  • Birthday Cakes  
  • Presents.

Today’s theme: Birthdays & Balloons!

Books Read:
Spot’s Birthday Party – Hill
Pop Went Another Balloon- Faulkner
Blue Balloon – Inkpen
If You Give a Pig a Party- Numeroff

Flannel Story: Balloon Song

Before reading Faulkner’s book, the kids and I did one of my favorite fingerplays: Blow the Balloon!

First I show the kids my magic (invisible!) balloon, maybe we pick a color for it. Then I’ll ask them, “Did you bring your balloons today? Let’s see them!” Usually the kids all take out their pretend balloons and we start to blow them up, singing:
“Blow the balloon – fffffff (make your hands get further apart on your balloon with each blow)
Blow the balloon –ffff
Blow, and blow and blow and blow and blow and blow!
CLAP! – where did my balloon go? (the kids love to yell out: you popped it!)

After this fun fingerplay, I brought out my pig hand puppet & told the children, “This is my friend Penelope Pig. She loves to blow up BIG balloons but she HATES when she pops them!”

This was the perfect intro for my flannel story “Balloon Song.” I have ten felt balloons in all different colors. You could pass them out so the kids bring them up to the flannel board but the children in this class were pretty young so I placed them on the board myself. We sang

“Piggy had a red balloon
She blew and blew all day
Her mother said you better stop!
OOOPS! (clap)
Too late, she popped it!

I sang it to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel.

I found this great flannel idea here:

The author of this blog also recommended leading into Pop Went Another Balloon right after Balloon Song because you can pull your felt balloons off the board as you read the story. What an amazing idea!

We had a cute balloon craft to end the program. I used some free balloon clip art, cut them out so the kids could decorate with crayons and stickers.  We tied strings on the end so they looked like real balloons!

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