Thursday, November 16, 2017

baby & me: time for turkeys

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a turkey! what does a turkey say? gobble gobble!

Puppet Song: Hello Mr Turkey, How Are You

Hello Mr Turkey, How are you?
Hello Mr Turkey, How are you?
with a gobble gobble gobble
& a wobble wobble wobble
Hello Mr Turkey, How are you?
(tune: If You're Happy)

Books We Read:
Where Is Baby’s Turkey- Katz
You Are My Little Pumpkin Pie- Sklansky

Flannel Board: Where Is Turkey?

Our turkey is hiding in one of these barns, let’s find him!

Tune: Frere Jacques
Where is Turkey? Where is Turkey?
Here I am! Here I am!
Hiding in the green barn, hiding in the green barn
Look and see, look and see!

Repeat until you find that turkey!

A really nice, mellow day today with a smaller group than usual with about 20 babies attending. I loved the flannel song & the Katz book which were new additions to this year's pre-Turkey Day Baby & Me session. a wonderful morning!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

american girl doll (& friends) tea party 2

Today, we had a special celebration to welcome our new American Girl Doll to our library. 

Many years ago, we were gifted with Felicity. She currently resides in a special display case with some of my most favorite book characters. 

I thought it would be fun to keep the new doll's identity a secret until we unwrapped the box at today's event!

While all the participants were settling in, we took a moment to introduce ourselves & our dolls. All kinds of dolls were welcome at this event!

We started our program with an American Girl Doll Flannel Story. First, I passed out six fake AGD gift cards that I printed & laminated; they looked almost real!

I asked for 6 volunteers to help me & each one chose a gift card. I also asked them who takes them doll shopping.

6 pretty dolls in a big doll shop
Sitting on a shelf in a big pink box
Along comes (child’s Name)
and her Mom (or Dad or grandma, etc) says ok!
So she picks a doll and takes her away.

You can take the gift card & let the volunteer choose a box. Lift the lid to see which doll is in the box.
“She picked Samantha!”

Repeat until all the dolls are revealed. i wish i had enough dolls so that all 20 girls could participate. i was planning to repeat the story again if there was enough interest but everyone seemed ready to move on.

Next, we unwrapped our new doll to see who would be joining Felicity in the display case: it’s Tenney!

I picked Tenney because Felicity is kind of an old fashioned doll so I wanted a doll that was more modern this time. Also, I asked my 7 yr old niece who she would pick & she liked Tenney. I love her freckles and her denim vest. She is just adorable!

Next, since i had everyone's atttention, I took a minute to explain our craft project: felt doll ponchos. They are so easy, no sewing required. 

I made these at our last American Girl Doll Party and you can find the instructions HERE. Her directions are much better than mine!

start with a sheet of felt

cut a strip off to make it more of a square shape

fold into a triangle and make a 2" long cut in the middle

cut to the left & right of your cut to make an X
Then you can add a button or other embellishment for decoration. You can also fringe your edges if you like. (if you want to fringe the leftover felt strip, it can be a cute scarf for a small animal!)

Everyone was so excited about using the extra felt strips for pet scarves!!

We moved from seats on the rug to tables for refreshments. I passed out activity sheets & crayons to entertain everyone while cookies & punch were passed around. We had some younger siblings and little girls attending so I thought if they weren't interested in the poncho craft, they might like the quizzes, word search & coloring sheets in the activity packs.

Once the tables had been cleared, I passed out felt for the ponchos. I had both self-adhesive embellishments & buttons for decoration. As everyone was finishing their crafts, we could read from the Tenny book, use my cool AGD box photo prop & maybe take a group photo of the dolls.

photo prop made by a very talented coworker!

As guests were leaving the party, they received a treat bag filled with pencils, a notebook & a lollipop, as well as copies of donated AGD books!!!

This was an amazing event, despite some really rainy and cold November weather. all twenty people on our sign up sheet showed up, which rarely ever happens! Everyone LOVED the program and i heard some parents say that we should charge for events like this. This is the second time I've held an AGD party and while it does require a bit of prep -- especially if you decorate the room with balloons, table runners, etc. but it is totally worth it! A really special event.

Friday, November 3, 2017

flannel friday: take me out to the barnyard

Sing this cute song to the tune of Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

I used free clipart for this one. I did add the numbers to the eggs myself tho.

I start with a blank board & just add each piece as i sing.

Take me out to the barnyard(add barn)
Take me out there right now!

Show me the cows, pigs, and horses too (add cows, pigs, horses)
I hear an oink and a neigh and a moo (pointed to each animal when saying the noise it makes)

There are chickens laying their eggs (add chickens)
If they don't lay it's a shame!

Oh, it's one, two, three eggs today (add eggs one at a time)
And I'm glad I came!

thanks for reading!

toddler time: dinosaurs!

We are celebrating DINOvember this month so of course we had to have a dinosaur themed program today!

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found a DINOSAUR!!!! What does a dinosaur say? ROOOAARR!!!!

My Folkmanis T-Rex barely fit in the mystery box!

Puppet Song #1: Dino Ditty

From Jbrary! This was so fun to sing with my T-Rex puppet!! The grownups in my first session even joined in!!

A big hungry dinosaur was stomping down the street
Singing dino ditty ditty dum ditty do
He's looking for something good to eat
Singing dino ditty ditty dum ditty do
He's big, he's big, he's strong, he's strong
Won't be hungry very long.
Singing dino ditty ditty dum ditty do
He's big, he's big, he's strong, he's strong
Won't be hungry very long.

Books We Read:
We Are the Dinosaurs- Berkner (one of my favorite books ever!!)
Little Dinos Don’t Bite

Flannel Board: Dinosaurs at the Door

I’ve done so many counting flannel boards lately, I really wanted something different!

This cute idea is from Miss Tara; you can find it HERE.

I decided to sing it to the tune of Bumping Up & Down in My Little Red Wagon.

Knock knock knocking at my door,(knock on the flannel board!)
Knock knock knocking at my door,
Knock knock knocking at my door…

Should we answer it??

…In walks a big RED dinosaur!!!

Repeat for each door!

How many dinosaur friends came to visit us today? 1 2 3 4!!

This is such an awesome flannel board because you could use it for other animals too!

Puppet Song #2: All Around the Swamp

I have five cute dinosaur finger puppets from the Puppet Company that are perfect for this song!

The Tyrannosaurus Rex goes GRRR GRRR GRR
The Tyrannosaurus Rex goes GRRR GRRR GRR
All around the swamp!

Who else lives in the swamp?

The stegosaurus’ tail goes swish...
The brontosaurus mouth goes munch...
The pterodactyl’s wings go flap …
The triceratops horns go poke…

Craft: Stand Up Dinosaurs

My "go to" dinosaur craft! Kids colored the dino bodies & decorated with sticker eyes & dots. Grownups took the rectangles, rolled them into a tube shape and taped them into legs. Cut two slits on the sides of the tubes for the dino body to slide into. This craft was a little more work than we usually do for Toddlers but all the adults were great about it & the dinosaurs came out great!

Two nice sized groups today, not too big which was a nice change (-:
A little chatty, esp. the first session.
I loved the Dino Ditty song the best, was a little disappointed in the Berkner book bc i usually have tons of participation with that one but maybe everyone was getting tired? I was nervous about the craft but it went great.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

baby & me: take me out to the barnyard

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a barn! what color is our barn? Red!

I bought this red barn filled with small plush animals a while back from amazon & it has been a great purchase!

Puppet Song: Old MacDonald

I pulled out a pig, a cow & a duck so we sang three verses today.

Books We Read:
Peekaboo on the Farm- Cocoretto
Hello Day- Lobel

Flannel Board: Take Me Out to the Barnyard

I found this cute song online a bunch of different places and printed out some free clip art images. I just placed each item on the board as i sang to the tune of Take Me Out to the Ball Game; it was very cute!

Take me out to the barnyard
Take me out there right now
Show me the cows, pigs, and horses too
I hear an oink and a neigh and a moo
There are chickens laying their eggs
If they don't lay it's a shame
Oh, it's one, two, three eggs today
And I'm glad I came!

A large group today, I almost ran out of shakey eggs! I skipped the scarf songs because it was getting a little loud. Still, a nice class with lots of new faces. Love this classic theme!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

baby & me: halloween is here!

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found two ghosts!

Ghost Puppet Songs:

Two Little Happy Ghosts
2 little happy ghosts looking at you
One named Woo, one named Boo!
Fly away Woo, fly away Boo!
Fly back Woo, fly back Boo!
From Loons and Quines

We also sang this cute song with our ghost puppets:

The ghosties are here. The ghosties are there.
The ghosties, the ghosties are everywhere.

The ghosties are up. The ghosties are down.
The ghosties, the ghosties are all around.

The ghosties are in. The ghosties are out.
The ghosties, the ghosties are all about.

The ghosties are low. The ghosties are high.
The ghosties, the ghosties all say,  "Goodbye!"

Books We Read:
Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin- Katz
The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin
If You’re Spooky & You Know It

Spider Puppet Songs:
Since I was dressed as a spider today, we did “Where is Spider? Peeka-BOO!” and the Itsy Bitsy Spider, which was the perfect lead in for Book #2: The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin!

Flannel Board: Five Little Ghosts

I haven't used this one in a while and it's so cute that I decided to bring it back this year!

This little ghost went trick or treating!
But this little ghost stayed home.
This little ghost ate candy apples!
But this little ghost had none.
And this little ghost cried BOO BOO BOO all the way home!

then we counted up all the ghosts on the board.

We got about 30 babies today, a nice group with lots of participation. Lots of costumes too, including 3 tigers, one minnie mouse, 2 pumpkins, a batman, a skeleton, a pirate, a Giants cheerleader, a firefighter and a beautiful monarch butterfly! A wonderful day!

Monday, October 23, 2017

babies & brew family literacy workshop

Babies & Brew: Playtime for Them, Coffee for You!

our first session was a huge success with over 20 families attending and it was a pretty simple program to prep.

Here is how i did it:

  • first, you need some TOYS! we already have puppets, magnetic puzzles, activity cubes and a sand/magnet table in the children's area so i just added some more toys as well as a colorful new crawling mat with big soft building blocks.

  • then you need COFFEE, JUICE and SNACKS! i set up a little refreshment table with goldfish, munchkins, etc. so people could help themselves.

  • just for fun, i added a SENSORY BOTTLE STATION and since it's October, we went with a pumpkin theme! This craft did require some additional prep but it was sooo worth the extra effort and money. I purchased some items that are definitely not cheap: small water bottles, a big jar of glitter, food coloring, green tape, glycerin, pumpkin/fall confetti. however, i did have a lot of leftover supplies that i can reuse, maybe for future winter, spring or fish themed sensory bottles. also, i removed the labels from the bottles before the workshop using goo gone. it took about an hour to prepare 24 bottles.

i was super nervous that no one would show up but it was a beautiful fall day. people seemed to like this informal style program and just hanging out with each other while the kids played. i hope to find other fun station activities and maybe add a new toy each month to make each session fun and different. a great day!