Saturday, October 20, 2018

toddler time: fantastic fire fighters

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a FIRE truck! 

What color is it? 
Who drives it? A FIRE FIGHTER!

Puppet Song: 

I’m a fire fighter, big & strong!
I put my jacket & my helmet on!
I hurry to the fire & give a shout!
I work & work til the fire is out!

Who else rides the the fire truck? The fire dog!

I’m a fire dog & my name is Fred!
I wear a red hat on my head!
When people are in trouble or a fire’s underway
We come to the rescue & save the day!

Fred isn’t the only fire dog at the fire house! Would you like to meet his friends?

1 little 2 little 3 little fire dogs
4 little 5 little 6 little fire dogs
7 little 8 little 9 little fire dogs
10 little fire dogs say woof woof woof

Book We Read: 
Maisy's Fire Engine- Cousins

Flannel Board: Fire Dog Freddy

Fire Dog Freddy, come out & play
Which fire truck are you in today?

We found the fire dog and a bunch of fire fighters too!

We counted all the fire fighters on our felt board & did one more rhyme!

Puppet Rhyme: 5 Little Firefighters

5 little firefighters sleeping in a row
RING goes the bell! Down the pole they go!
They JUMP on the engine & put out the fire
Now they’re back home but they sure are tired!

Fun Firefighter Song: 

This is the way we pull on our boots, pull on our boots, pull on our boots
This is the way we pull on our boots…I’m a fire fighter!

Repeat with:
This is the way we drive the truck…
This is the way we climb the ladder…
This is the way we wear our hat...

I did the hat verse last because i handed out fire hats to all the kids right before we did crafts & playtime!

Craft: Fire Dog Puppets

check out my previous post HERE

This was a great theme, sooooo many great songs to use! Very happy with my book & craft and all the puppets/props. it was fun to handed out free hats (from OTC) to everyone. we have a lot of families with fire fighters so it was awesome to show everyone what a special job that is. 2 great sized groups but not too much.

Friday, September 28, 2018

toddler time: buses (2018 update)

BUSES are always a fun theme for toddlers! this year, we added a new book and song:

when i pulled this little yellow bus from my Mystery Box we sang:

Driving all around in my yellow bus
Driving all around in my yellow bus
Driving all around in my yellow bus
Vroom Vroom Vroom Vroom Vroom!

Also sang: "Beeping at the cars in my yellow bus..." and "Waving at my friends in my yellow bus..."

I am loving Cuyler's "Little" series of transportation books. last month i used the ice cream truck and i'm planning to use the fire truck one in October!

I printed a picture of this bus for my prop/felt board song: a "bus version" of Old MacDonald Had a Farm. We sang this right after the Cuyler story and everyone was singing along!

Bob the Driver had a bus -- ee i ee i oh!
And on that bus he had a dog
With a WOOF WOOF here, & a WOOF WOOF there
Here a WOOF, there a WOOF
Everywhere a WOOF WOOF
Bob the Driver had a bus -- ee i ee i oh!

We sang verses for all the animals on our bus.

A wonderful class, especially for a couple of storytime friends who are really into buses right now. Two normal sized groups - Yay!

baby & me: fruit for a very hungry caterpillar!

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found three FRUITS!  

Prop Song: Do You Know What Fruit This Is

Do you know what fruit this is, what fruit this is, what fruit this is?
Do you know what fruit this?
It’s an Orange!

Repeat with Apple & Banana

Puppet Song:  Peekaboo Caterpillar

Here’s a friend who loves to eat fruit and other foods too! The Very Hungry Caterpillar!!!

I wrapped him in a scarf for:

Where is Caterpillar? Peek-a-BOO!
Where is Caterpillar? Peek-a-BOO!
Where is Caterpillar? Peek-a-BOO!
PeekaBOO to Caterpillar!

Books We Read:
Eat- Intrater
Guess What? Fruit- Yonezu

Flannel Board: VHC Hide & Seek

This is one I reach for a lot!

LOVED this theme and all my songs & books. Two nice sized groups, the first session about 20, the second one about 12. some chatting, kids a little restless but everyone loved doing the shaker egg & parachute songs! 

Friday, September 21, 2018

toddler time: apples (updated!)

this is a theme i always enjoy but a couple of changes made it even better! this year, we have a new book & a new puppet!

Mystery Box: we found 2 APPLES in our polka dot box today: one red & one green!

Prop Song: Two Little Apples

(tune: I'm a Little Teapot)

Two little apples small & round
make a munching crunching sound!
if you bite into them, you will see,
just as delicious as can be!

Hey wait a minute, there's another apple in our box!

Puppet Rhyme: I Found This Apple On the Ground

I found this apple on the ground.
it looked delicious red & round.
i picked it up & took a nibble.
oh my goodness there's a worm in the middle!

i've used this rhyme for years with my own homemade apple/worm prop but i am loving this new puppet by folkmanis!!

Books We Read:
What's an Apple?- great for toddlers
5 Red Apples- Yonezu

Flannel Board: 3 Little Apples

3 little apples hanging in a tree
teasing mr slinky worm you can't catch me
along come mr slinky worm as quiet as can be and....
CRUNCHES that apple right out of the tree!!

count down till all the apples are gone
3 apples was enough for my groups but you could do five also!

Craft: Apple Person

see my previous APPLE posts.

so today was kind of crazy! first session was HUGE!!! more & more people kept coming down the stairs until it was maybe my biggest group ever!  i was shocked & a little intimidated to be honest and i let the audience know it. i think it helped to admit how it felt to stand up there, in front of a group that size because everyone was super nice & quiet for the entire program, it was amazing! 

i was worried about craft time tho: did i have enough apples? would we have enough seats? so i came up with an idea: put out the toys first, then pass out crafts to the two tables in back. let some kids play THEN CRAFT, while others crafted first, then played. 

honestly, some families left to hang out upstairs at this point which made things a little easier but everyone else spread out & took turns. it was actually better & more relaxed this way because no child was being forced to craft when they preferred to play and vice versa. it also gave us more room at the craft tables AND it was less of a mad rush for me to hand out craft stuff & give instructions. 

this new idea worked out so well, i tried it in the second (big but still manageable) second session and it worked great also! so... crisis averted! it could have been a big mess but thanks to some flexibility & consideration by my families, we made it work! one of my caregivers did admit that i am really good at handling big groups which was super nice to hear!

i even received a lovely present from one of my families!! i was going to put it on my desk in my office but i love it so much that i decided to bring it home to place in my kitchen window. GREAT day!

baby & me: what can baby do?

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a BABY!  

Puppet Song: Did You Ever See a Baby?

Did you ever see a baby, a baby, a baby
Did you ever see a baby run this way & that?
Run this way & that way & this way & that way
Did you ever see a baby run this way & that?

Books We Read:
Clap Hands - Oxenbury (interactive!)
LOOK What I Can Do- love this series!

Flannel Board: 5 Little Babies

Two really great sessions & a fun theme!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

september parent workshop

this month, the learning stations at Babies & Brew were awesome!

First up:

The little ones LOVED matching their stickers to the correct color pieces of paper hanging on the circ desk! so easy and inexpensive, plus this station could be easily replicated at home. peeling the stickers off of the sticker sheet is great for their fine motor skills!

And for activity #2:

i purchased these rubbing plates from Lakeshore Learning. we taped them to the back of the paper to reduce slippage then used the sides of special rubbing crayons to create our own works of art!

i loved talking to the kids as they chose their animal plate and crayon color for their pictures. discussing the animals is a great ice breaker because we all love animals!

every month, i am still shocked by the 20+ families that show up for these  workshops! it is kind of like throwing a party every four weeks with toys, activities, music and refreshments. 

one of the moms told me it is her daughter's favorite library program and it means so much to me that my families are enjoying it. i love finding fun, engaging activities each month that don't break the bank. i think we have some really amazing activities coming up the next few months so stay tuned!

Friday, September 14, 2018

toddler time: sharing is caring!

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a bear! It’s the SHARE bear! Can you say hello to him? SHARE Bear LOVES to share! Do you share too?

i thought about buying a Share Bear stuffed animal to hide in the mystery box but the one i printed & laminated worked just fine for me.

It's mine but you can have some
With you I'd like to share it
'Cause if I share it with you
You'll have some too

Well if I have a cake to eat
If I have a tasty treat
If you come to me and ask
I'll give some to you

It's mine but you can have some
With you I'd like to share it
'Cause if I share it with you
You'll have some too

And if I have a book to read
If I have a block you need
If you come to me and ask
I'll share it with you

This was soooo fun to sing! I used some props which was hilarious bc the kids all wanted to take them from me, especially the cupcake & donut LOL!

Felt Board: Share Bear Hide & Seek 

Share Bear, Share Bear
Where can you be?
Are you under the PINK blanket?
Let’s look & see!

After we found him, we counted up all the bears we found.

I considered doing a "Five Little Care (or Share) Bears" counting rhyme but i did a counting felt board last week and i like to mix it up a little to keep it interesting. for me, these hide and seek rhyme ones are so easy to remember and really keep the little ones' attention.

Books We Read:
Will Bear Share?- Leung (cute!!)
I Can Share- Katz (LOVE!!!!!)

Craft: Share Bear Puppets

This was the hardest part of this theme to plan: a craft about SHARING? But once I found a Share "Care Bear" to color, I was all set! 

Printed on cardstock for the kids to color, then we taped on a popsicle stick. 

I was nervous this might be boring but it turned out to be an awesome theme. my favorite parts were the Katz book & the Raffi song. session 1 about 20 kids, session 2 a little bigger so nice sized groups. a great day!