Friday, May 10, 2019

toddler time: mothers day 2019

although today's program used many of the same elements as our previous ones, we did have a couple of updates!

Book We Read:
What Mommies Like- Nevin

I wasn't sure which book to choose but right before the program, i decided to try this one and i'm so happy i did. i was SHOCKED at how mesmerized my toddlers were by this story! as soon as i read the title, you could feel everyone lean in, like they really wanted to know what moms REALLY like, it was so amazing! 

btw, there is also a Dad version so you know i'm getting that for next month's fathers day program LOL!

Puppet Song:
Five Little Monkeys with puppets (AND popsicle stick puppets for the kids, they just love having something to hold for this one!) so fun!

i love to do my usual seed packets for this theme because its something different from our usual crafts! 

we also made these adorable flowers i printed on cardstock. We added green paper straw stems and decorated with stickers. it was a great day!

when i walked into the main floor to get the children for my first session, many came running up to me shouting my name including one special little girl whose family has been coming to my branch for many years and she jumped into my arms and gave me a bouquet of pink flowers; i felt so special. i saw a few of my kids that i don't see very much lately so it was a wonderful day. happy mothers day!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

toddler time: mice are nice

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dot box, we found...oh no! there are MICE in here! you aren't afraid of mice, are you?

This little mouse went shopping
This little mouse stayed home.
This little mouse ate a cupcake.
This little mouse had none,
And this little mouse cried squeak squeak squeak all day long!

Marvelous Mouse Song: All the Little Mice

All the little mice say squeak squeak squeak, squeak squeak squeak, 
squeak squeak squeak!
All the little mice say squeak squeak squeak!
squeak squeak squeak!

What do mice like to eat? Cheese!

All the little mice go nibble nibble nibble...

I think our mice are sleepy now, time for a nap!

 All the little mice say time to nap...

Books We Read:
Run Home Little Mouse- Teckentrup
A Surprise for Tiny Mouse- Horacek

Session 1 read the first title and session 2 got the second one which was a slightly shorter. Both books were great choices.

Flannel Board: Who Has the Cheese?

i borrowed this idea and the adorable mice from etsy.

we sang this song to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell. The kids LOVED looking for the three pieces of cheese!

Who has the cheese? Who has the cheese?
COLOR mouse, oh tell us please!
do you have the cheese?

Prop Song: Hickory Dickory Dock 

with my clock prop & my white mouse puppet!

i actually hid my mouse in the clock & asked if anyone had seen a little white mouse lately. i gave them all little cardstock mice to hold.

after 4 verses of the song, i said "Hickory dickory dock, the mouse went IN the clock!" and asked everyone to put their little paper mice in the clock as well so that was fun!

Craft: Paper Plate Mice

i've never really had a "Go To" craft for this theme but now i finally found one! i gave everyone small white plates. i pre-cut the faces and cut a slit into the plates so when we taped them, there was a 3D effect. 

we used sticky eyes, adhesive pom poms and pipe cleaner tails in white and light pink. they were just adorable!!!!

Monday, April 29, 2019

toddler time: all aboard the storytime train!

it had been ages since we did trains so this theme really needed an update!

Mystery Box: We found our old friend Maisy the Mouse & she was holding a special train whistle!

kids love this whistle, they all wanted to do it but that would be gross so we couldn't. i used it for some of the books & songs tho.

Books We Read:
Maisy's Train- Cousins (perfect train intro after our mystery box!)
Thomas's Opposites (they loved this simple book; i skipped most of the text to focus on the opposites pictured)

Flannel Board: Hide & Seek with Thomas & Friends

i printed some Thomas clipart to hide under four colorful circles. 

Thomas & his friends are playing hide & seek!
is someone under the RED circle? Let's take a peek!

they never get tired of this type of felt game, at least not yet!

Prop Song: Let's Make a Train!

i asked the kids to help me make a train. i pulled out the engine & cars one by one & set them on the window sill behind my table where they happened to fit perfectly!

we need some friends to ride our train, it's very empty right now!

(we sang this to the tune of Wheels on the Bus)

Who likes to ride on a  train, on a train, on a train?
Who likes to ride on a train?
We love trains!

who is going to drive our train? how about a monkey named CURIOUS GEORGE?

Curious George says all aboard! all aboard, all aboard!
Curious George says all aboard!
Get on the train!

who will ride in car #1?

who rides in train car number 1? number 1? number 1?
who rides in train car number 1?
get on the train!

we continued for all the cars and our other riders included Lily (from Lily's Purple Plastic Purse), Pete the Cat, Babar and the Very Hungry Caterpillar!

we sang the very first verse one more time to end the song. so fun!! i was very happy with this prop!

Craft: Thomas popsicle stick puppets

i printed the puppet to color and a thomas face for the kids to glue on. worked pretty good but i'd love to find something a little bit better.

everyone loved this theme! so many parents told me this theme saved them today bc their kids are so into trains and that was nice to hear! i really loved my whistle & the prop i made. i luckily found 4 boxes the same size and used an old sandwich bag box for the engine. the train is a free printable that i found HERE.

toddler time: bunnies 2019

april has been a crazy month. first, i caught a cold & missed a couple of days. then, i got the flu for the first time ever, even tho i got a flu shot. and i discovered that i am allergic to tamiflu: hives! i missed more days including my bunny craft so that will have to wait til next year. 

i was able to do my toddler classes tho so here is a quick post.

bunny in the box: my bunny in lettuce puppet so cute!

bunny book: Bunny Island (especially great bc we live on an island so i told the kids we were taking a trip to a different island called BUNNY island! love this one!)

bunny flannel board:

hide & seek w/brown bunny under the eggs

transitioned perfectly to I KNOW A CHICKEN with shaky eggs and my cute little chicken puppet!

bunny craft: 

paper bag bunnies with cotton ball tails. LOVE!!!

Friday, April 5, 2019

toddler time: happy 50th birthday to The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

i could not let the 50th anniversary of the publication of this iconic book go by unnoticed. i love everything by Eric Carle but The Very Hungry Caterpillar is so beloved. i have done many programs starring the VHC but here is one more....

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found The Very Hungry Caterpillar! And he is wearing a birthday crown! A few days ago, he had a birthday so can we sing Happy Birthday to him?

The VHC is 50 years old WOW! I love the cute little paper crown I made him and decorated with sparkly star stickers! You can find the free printable HERE and just adjust the size for whatever project you are working on.

Books We Read: 
The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Carle

Flannel Board: Caterpillar Cupcake Hide and Seek

i found this cute printable on The World of Eric Carle's FB page & i love it. i just laminated it & used sticky velcro dots.

I’m looking for a caterpillar,
We’re playing hide and seek.
Is he behind the BLUE cupcake?
Lets take a peek!

continue until you find the VHC!

Prop Songs:

The VHC loves cupcakes but he also loves fruit!

I passed out "fruit" to all the kids from my green basket and we did:

Hold your fruit UP
hold your fruit DOWN
hold your fruit and turn around!
Hold your fruit UP
hold your fruit DOWN
put your fruit on the ground.

Do You Want To Feed A Caterpillar? 

(tune: Do You Know the Muffin Man)

Do you want to feed a caterpillar, feed a caterpillar, feed a caterpillar
If you want to feed a caterpillar, he wants something RED!
(or PINK or YELLOW etc)

Kids LOVED feeding the caterpillar I made from a cardboard box and a plastic container! the "fruits" are eggs from OTC.

Craft: Paper Plate Caterpillar Artwork

this was a last minute idea after i realized that the Paper Loop Caterpillar craft that I'd been prepping all week had been done in June and it seemed a little bit too early to do a repeat. So i cut caterpillar coloring pictures for the kids to color and paste onto a large paper plate. then we decorated with our scented dot art markers to make them really special! a great purchase from Lakeshore Learning BTW! the kids just love them and they smell amazing!

Two nice sized groups this week and a super fun theme!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

toddler time: in like a lion, out like a SHEEP!

since we kicked off the month with a lion themed program, it made perfect sense to end March with a SHEEP!

Mystery Box: we found a soft, white sheep in our box today. what does a sheep say?

Oh I love to be a woolly little sheep BAA BAA!
Oh I love to be a woolly little sheep BAA BAA!
I can run & jump & play
around the barnyard every day!
Oh I love to be a woolly little sheep BAA BAA!

this puppet makes a funny sheep noise so we did that, then i let the kids come pet the sheep if they wanted.

Books We Read:
Where Is the Green Sheep - Fox (so fun to read, really kept their attention)
Will Sheep Sleep- Leung (first session only)

Flannel Board: Green Sheep, Green Sheep, Where Can You Be?

that silly green sheep was hiding from us again so we looked behind four colorful squares to find him.

Green sheep, green sheep, 
where can you be?
Are you behind the yellow square?
Let's look and see!

How many sheep did we find today, let's count them together!

Craft: Cotton Ball Sheep with Clothespin Legs

i printed the body & pre cut them on white card stock so the kids could color & glue on some cotton balls. so cute!

Of course we had to sing a few verses of Old MacDonald; i love when everyone sings along! i usually use puppets but this time i got out my Who's In the Barn? board from Lakeshore Learning & it worked great! Two nice sized groups today..

Friday, March 15, 2019

toddler time: how are you feeling?

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a cute purple bear! 

Is he FEELING happy today? 

yes, he has a big smile!

Prop Song: Feelings 
(Tune: Twinkle Twinkle)
i pulled the bears out of my basket one at a time as we sang the song.

Bears have feelings, so do you!
Let’s all sing about a few.
This one’s HAPPY
This one’s SAD
This one’s SCARED and this one’s MAD
Bears have feelings, so do you.
We just sang about a few.
by Jean Warren (slightly adapted to sing with my bears!)

Books We Read:
I Say, You Say Feelings- Carpenter (LOVE!)

Flannel Board: Do You See a Happy Face?

i have three faces to show you on my blue board today!

We counted them together as i placed them on the board.

Do you see a happy face?
A happy face, a happy face
Do you see a happy face?
We're looking for a smile!

Find the happy face on the board together. Invite kids to smile/make a happy face! Repeat with other faces.

Do you see a grumpy face?
A grumpy face, a grumpy face
Do you see a grumpy face 
thats really really mad?

Do you see a sad face? 
a sad face, a sad face
Do you see a sad face
Which one has a frown?

Prop Song #2: If You're Happy & You Know It

The bears really wanted to sing another song & this one was perfect!

If you’re happy & you know it, clap your hands…

If you’re grumpy & you know it, stomp your feet…

If you’re scared & you know it, say OH NO!

If you’re sad & you know it, you can cry BOO HOO!

Other fun verses:

If you’re sleepy & you know it, you can yawn

If you’re hungry & you know it, rub your tummy

Craft: Happy/Sad Puppets

See my post HERE.

Two fun groups today! i just love these plush bears that i purchased a while back & so did the kids. there are so many fun songs for this theme but i really liked the ones i picked. thought about reading Carter's book If You're Happy... but i was really glad i chose to sing it with my bears instead. perfect theme!