Friday, September 15, 2017

toddler time: let's bake a cake!

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found a doggy! This is my friend Fuzzy! Can you say hi to him? He is sooo soft, do you want to pet Fuzzy?

Guess what? Today is Fuzzy’s BIRTHDAY and I have some presents for him, would you like to see them?

A birthday hat! ( i made this with a paper cone, stickers, a pompom and a little elastic!)
A new bowl – what color?
A new ball- what color?
A big slice of pizza! Do dogs like pizza? Fuzzy says no! that’s ok I’ll eat it!
Anything else? A cookie!! Oh wait that’s for me too!
Oh and don’t forget: 

a birthday cake!  With lots of candles! Let’s count them together - 1 2 3 4 5 and one more for good luck! Fuzzy is five years old, wow that’s old, Fuzzy!

Oh wait, there is one more present, what is in this shiny box? A cheeseburger? A new dress? a teddy bear? 

No, it’s a new friend for Fuzzy! 
How many dogs do we have now? 1, 2!!

Books We Read:
Spot Bakes a Birthday Cake- Hill
Where Is Baby's Birthday Cake- Katz

Prop Story: Let's Bake a Cake

I made this prop a few years back based on a blog post found HERE 

Would you guys like to make a birthday cake? What should we put in our cake?
Flour, sugar, butter, eggs...
how about some chocolate?
and strawberries?

Stir it up!
Put it in the oven to bake!

After our next book & song...
Hmmm I smell something delicious! I think our cake is ready, should we check it to see?

I opened up the oven (my media cabinet!) and pulled out our cake. I mean, our box!

I showed everyone our cake which has clothespins on the back so i can attach it to the box. 
what's missing on our cake?  we put candles on as we counted them together. 
then we lit the candles and sang "Happy Birthday". 
we had a special rhyme for blowing out our candles. we held up five fingers and blew out the candles together:

Five Birthday Candles
5 birthday candles, wish there were more, blow out one (blow), and then there are 4
4 birthday candles, pretty as can be, blow out one (blow), and then there are 3
3 birthday candles, mother bought them new, blow out one (blow), and then there are 2
2 birthday candles, birthday cakes are fun, blow out one (blow), and then there is 1
1 birthday candle, now we're almost done, but blow out one, then there are none!

Craft: Paper Plate Cupcakes with sprinkle and candles

I found this idea HERE. it was so easy to prep! first, we printed & cut the cupcake bottoms - just colorful paper. next, just cut paper plates in half for the tops! 

i had some round paper confetti left over from my butterfly program so we glued the pretty tissue paper circles onto our cupcakes along with a candle (also printed on my color printer and pre-cut)

our cupcakes came out sooo cute!! many parents wrote the children's names on them!

today, one of our regular families had a bday so i thought this would be a cute theme for her. i did the same thing a little over a year ago but i switched up all of books & puppets just for fun. 

i loved my puppet story about Fuzzy and the cake baking part. Also the craft was amazing and the books were perfect -- so a great day! 

soooo many people today, i ran out of cupcake tops & had to cut more but i had enough of everything else. both groups about 25 kids each which means 50 or so total toddlers!

one of my favorite moments of the day was one little girl who loved blowing on the candles of her cupcake craft as they left the program room; it was so cute!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

baby & me: animal babies

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a BABY SEA OTTER!

Puppet Song:

I pulled out the sea otter finger puppet wrapped in a blue scarf. I left the “mom” otter in the box until the middle of the song then I put the baby in her arms so I could wave.

I’m a baby otter, look at me!
I love my life out in the sea!
I stay near my mom
She loves me the most.
Wave to us along the coast!

Can you wave to the otters?

Books We Read:
Together – Dodd (one mom told me this one almost made her cry!)
Mommy, Carry Me Please- Cabrera (should have stopped with one book but  i had to push it...)

Flannel Board: Baby Otter, What Do You See?

I put each baby animal on the felt board one at a time, then I added the corresponding mommy animal:

Baby otter, baby otter, what do you see?
I see a mommy otter watching over me!

Baby squirrel, baby squirrel…

Until I had 5 or 6 pairs on the board.

Another really large group today. (do i need to double up baby programs too? definitely something to think about.) everything went well except the Cabrera book when things got a little dicey! i got things back under control with Row Row Your Boat.

Friday, September 8, 2017

toddler time: bringing out the baby bumblebees!

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found BUMBLE BEES! What does a bee say? BUZZZ!

Puppet Song #1 & 2:

Buzz buzz buzz
Bumble bees buzz!
Buzz over here!
Buzz over there!
They buzz up high & they buzz down low
Around & around & around they go
They buzz so loud & they buzz so low
Buzz buzz buzz
Bumblebees buzz 
(tune: 3 blind mice)

Then I asked how many bees we had today? we counted together 1 - 2! (the big bee hand puppet took a break today; we just used the finger puppets this time!)

2 little bumblebees buzzing round a hive
One named Cleo, one named Clive!
Buzz off Cleo, Buzz off Clive!
Buzz back Cleo! Buzz back Clive!

Books We Read:
Buzzy Bee- Parrish (very cute & colorful with sliding pop ups; not many great bee books for toddlers that i could find)

Flannel Board: Here Is a Beehive (Three ways!)

First we did this rhyme on the flannelboard:

Here is a beehive
but where are all the bees?
Hidden away where nobody sees!
Watch them come creeping out of their hive!
(add bees to board one at a time)
1-2-3-4-5- BUZZZZ!!

Then, I told them that they could make their own beehives with their hands &
we repeated it with our hands as a fingerplay.

Here is a beehive (cup hands together)
but where are all the bees?
Hidden away where nobody sees!
Watch them come creeping out of their hive!
(count on fingers)

BUZZZZ!! (shake fingers on both hands)

Finally, I brought out my new beehive prop and passed out bees to all the toddlers! (i printed & laminated a clipart beehive then i cut a hole in the middle & taped it to an old plastic yellow box.)

Here is one more beehive
but where are all the bees?
Hidden away where nobody sees!
Watch them come creeping out of their hive!
(handed out bees to kids one at a time as we counted)


Once everyone had a bee to hold, we did Hold Your Bee Up High….

...then we sang the Baby Bumble song while holding our baby bees (small bee cut outs purchased in a pack of 36 from amazon):

I’m bringing home my baby bumble bee
Won’t Ms Amy be so proud of me
I’m bringing home my baby bumble bee
OUCH- it stung me!

I’m dancing with my baby bumble bee…WOW! You’re good dancers!
I’m hopping with my baby bumble bee…HEY! Jumping is fun!
I’m passing round my baby bumble bee…OH NO! He’s hiding! Where did he go?
We're bringing back our baby bumble bees (collect bees back in hive)...Good job everyone!

Puppet Song #3: Laurie Berkner’s Bumblebee Buzz Buzz

I just made some clip art puppets to use while the song played. I passed out shaker eggs for the kids to shake during the buzzing parts!

first verse:  sitting in my garden...

verse two: at the pizza place...

last verse: flying thru the air on my balloon!

Craft: Bumblebee puppets

I passed out pre-cut bodies and heads so the kids could color them. Then, I gave white tulle pieces to string thru the hole punch in the body to make wings!! We also added sticky eyes, black construction paper strip antennas and popsicle sticks. Everyone loved the craft, especially the tulle wings!

Great program and two fun groups today! Impossible to choose my favorite parts because it was all so fun! Everyone loved when i pulled out the beehive prop so that was awesome! the craft was a little more complex than i usually do but they really liked it! a great day!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

baby & me: adorable ducklings!

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a little DUCK!

Puppet Song:

i bought this cute little Folkmanis finger puppet on amazon a couple weeks ago for like $2! and he squeaks!!! everyone LOVED him!

I’m a baby duckling, look at me!
I’m as happy as I can be!
I love to play & swim all day!
Quack, quack, quack is what I say!

Books We Read:
I Love Ducklings- Sido (so cute, colorful & perfect length for infants)

Flannel Board: Ducklings, Ducklings Passing Me By

I put the yellow duck on my felt board then we sang:

Duckling, duckling passing me by
Duckling, duckling passing me by
Duckling, duckling passing me by
Oh what color are you?
Then we add the other three ducks, one at a time.
Finish by counting up the ducklings together! 
By the end everyone was singing along!

Baby & Me was much better this week! Still a little chatting but nothing too distracting. Love this theme!

baby & me: this little baby!

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a BABY! 

I just love this little baby puppet! today, I used her for Jbrary's Hands Are Clapping.

Hands are clapping, clap clap clap
Hands are clapping, clap clap clap
Hands are clapping, clap clap clap
Clap your hands, my darling!

Repeat with:
Feet are kicking

Arms are stretching

Books We Read: 
Peek-a-Baby- Katz
What Does Baby Do

Flannel Board: Five Little Babies

This class turned out to be one of the worst programs EVER! I had great books, props & songs but the parents would not stop chatting. I tried explaining, asking, shushing, pleading...then i decided to skip shaker eggs and scarves and just end it already. I have never skipped both props like that before. EVER.

Luckily, the new parents didn't notice/care and my regular families completely understood. i think things will be better next week when school is back in session. it may have been a teeny tiny bit my fault bc i prepped for a regular sized group since it was right before the labor day holiday weekend & i didn't know how many people we'd get. during the warmer months when attendance spikes, I set the room up differently so I am in the middle of the room. for a normal size group, i sit in the front of the room which places me just too far away from the people in the back. either they can't see me so they talk or they don't think i can hear them chatting or something but i hear EVERYTHING! when i'm closer to everyone, things usually are better.

anyway, not a good day but hoping next time is better.

Monday, August 28, 2017

toddler time:everybody wants to be a cat!

Mystery Box: Inside our polka dotted box, we found a CAT! What does a cat say? Meow!

Puppet Song: I’m a Little Cat (tune: I’m a Little Teapot)

I’m a little cat
So soft & furry.(pet cat)
I’ll be your friend
Don’t you worry.(wave finger back & forth for NO)
Right up on your lap I love to hop (tap your lap then hop)
I’ll purr purr purr & never stop!

Books We Read: 
Cat’s Colors- Cabrera (LOVED! so bright & colorful, kids were mesmerized, parents love the "awwww" ending)
Sleepy Kitties- Daurio (i love moving the attached finger puppet kitties. i even printed, laminated and attached a little brush for the brushing part; the kids love that!)

other awesome cat books!

Flannel Board: Beach Kitties

So I started with 5 cute clipart cats on my board.Let's count them together!

5 cute kitties lying in the sun (show sun puppet)
Down at the beach having lots of fun. (clap 3 times; on lots---of---fun)
One kitty takes a swim so we wave goodbye (wave)
4 cute kitties still left behind.


as we said goodbye to each kitty, i flipped them over so we just had a towel.

when all the cats were gone, we did the final verse and brought them all back again:

No cute kitties lying in the sun. 
No one at the beach having lots of fun.
WAIT! Here come all the kitties so we say hello!
5 cute kitties, we missed them so!

Puppet Song #2: "Kitty Cat" from Kids in the City CD by Laura Doherty

I found this wonderful idea on Storytime Katie & it really was AMAZING!! 
i practiced a ton to get everything perfect. 

My tabletop puppet stage (back view) was our "window"! I used plush dog & cat puppets but i printed the other characters & put them on popsicle sticks.

Craft: Stand Up Kitties

I found this idea at Storytime Katie also! I folded white cardstock & cut out the middles for the cat bodies. I printed cat faces on white cardstock & pre-cut them. then i cut tails also from white cardstock. the kitties came out super cute and were very popular!

this is such a great theme, so many great books! i didn't get to the Pete the Cat book but i can save him for his own program in a few months. my favorite part has to be the Kitty Cat puppet song by Laura Doherty!! it was so fun and everyone loved it!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

baby and me: no place like home

Mystery Box: Inside our mystery box, we found a nest! 

Puppet Song:
Who lives in the cozy nest, the cozy, the cozy nest?
Who live in the cozy nest?
It’s the birds!
What does an bird say?

Repeat with: Big brown tree/ owl AND my garden/ rabbit
(tune: Do You Know the Muffin Man)

Books We Read: 
Who’s At Home- Davis
Where Does Maisy Live- Cousins

Flannel Board: Maisy Mouse, Maisy Mouse

This is a slight variation of Little Mouse, Little Mouse, Are You In The (COLOR) House?

This felt board immediately followed the Maisy book today.

Is Maisy the Mouse in one of these houses? Let’s look!

Maisy Mouse, Maisy Mouse, are you in the RED house?

Lift the felt houses one by one to find Maisy!

Puppet Song #2: Peekaboo

I brought back my Owl in a tree puppet for:

Where is Owl? Peeka BOO!
Where is Owl? Peeka BOO!
Where is Owl? Peeka BOO!
Peekaboo to Owl!

We also brought back the Moon, Sun & Star puppets from last week for another round of Zoom, Zoom, Zoom since it was so far and the eclipse was just yesterday.

This was a small group because this week's class was switched to Tuesday (hopefully for the last time LOL!) due to mandatory training on Thursday for me. The smaller audience is a nice change of pace for me once in a while but the bigger groups are fun too!